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Some Key Factors That Influence Mobile App Development Cost

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You are enticed to get a mobile application developed for you. Regarding that, you want to know an idea about the cost associated with getting the work done. But a prerequisite, in this case, is the fact that you must have a very clear picture regarding your application requirements. Further, as the work begins, there are factors that will definitely sum up to the total cost to finish the development work.

This article will detail some key factors that factor for the app development oriented cost;


(i)The App Platform

Seeing the fact that the app compatible devices have grown very exponentially, the decision to find the best platform is indeed a tough task. Applications can be developed for mobiles, IoT based devices, messaging platforms and the such. They vary a lot in the strategies used to carry out development and deliver the best in terms of user experience. Even in the case of the prominent one -Mobile, both iOS and Android platforms are that different in reality. Thereby related to this as per the platform selected can consume a lot of costs when it comes to development and testing.

However, as a suggestion, you have to refrain from prioritizing cost as the primary factor when it comes to selecting the platform.


(ii) Native and Cross Platform App Development Cost:

Aside from the platform to get the development work done, you should consider the way how you carry out the development work using them. Speaking of Cross-Platform technology, multiple apps are developed in the least time. Mobile App Platform thinking can be embraced to mitigate the cost associated with this work in the development of several apps. However, if you want to integrate cutting-edge technologies or sophisticated user interface then Native platforms can get the job done in the minimal cost for sure.


(iii) The cost associated with API and Backend development:

It is typical that a majority of application development projects ascertain the fact the app interfaces with a backend. An example related to this can be an API developed on a Cloud-based server. There are also cases where there is the inclusion of a middleware layer.

Even though your Backend might be good, there is still the need for an API in the picture. An API can ensure that the necessary data is exposed and that all the various data sources are availed by the application. Thereby creating a new API or interfacing existing ones requires a lot of work.

An API that isn’t completed 100% will surely increase the cost involved in development. It is typical to commit the blunder where an API is simultaneously built with the Application. As a resolution in this scenario finishes the API related work just before the team involved in developing the application actually needs it.

In short, the backend related variables along with the API can increase the cost involved in development.


(iv) Third Party App integrations:

Normally all the apps include varying features that are actually from an external source and these can consume a lot of time in development and testing.

A recommendation here is that rather than cramming everything into the app’s first release go for an MVP.


(v) Animations:

Small animations can be effective in keeping the users to come back to the app once more. But the more complex they become then the development work oriented costs also skyrocket for sure. In case of some development teams without much expertise, they commit a mistake where they design too many Animations in the interface without considering the cost involved in integrating them.


(vi) Localization:

If you want your application to have a global appeal then be warned that your development cost will increase for sure. This is because you have to consider language localization and cater to different app store requirements as well.

Then there is customer support to be considered as well. Seeing the fact that you are inclined towards a widespread launch, there will definitely be the need to add more resources specifically for customer support. An effective way to reduce cost at launch is to implement Internalization which will pave the way for Localization. Despite being somewhat cost consuming it will pay off for sure in the long run. You can launch the app into the huge market and soon start accumulating user feedback.


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