is nativescript development right for your app idea

Is Nativescript Development right for your app idea?

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Adopt NativeScript for App Development and Scale-up Your Business

In today’s time, there are innumerable frameworks that are being used to build mobile applications. In addition, hybrid frameworks are replacing traditional frameworks but it is getting hard to deliver native performance and is lacking intuitive native UI elements. NativeScript can handle this issue by supporting the development of native Android and iOS applications with no compromise in user experience. Also, NativeScripts is expected to flourish with many more advanced ideas in the near future. This makes your application not just native but also a future-proof solution.

Pyramidion offers you the best NativeScript development services and helps you grow your business multi-folds. Our NativeScript Development Company focuses on quality and visibility as key features and our in-house development team builds you industry-best applications on top of NativeScripts ensuring to retain all the unmatchable features of NativeScript framework usage. 

How are NativeScripts considered to be more preferable? When and Why should you go for NativeScripts? What are the advantages you gain from it? By getting answers for these questions in the upcoming sections, you’ll get justified that NativeScript is the perfect solution to bring your app ideas into reality.

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NativeScripts Vs. React Native Vs. Flutter

With the advent of React Native and Flutter frameworks in the app development market, the sacrifices on performance and user-friendliness for improved quality are completely destroyed. Though they are the trendsetters, it is notable that native apps can take complete advantage of the potential features of the device. 

NativeScript, React Native, and Flutter is similar in some aspects and still vary in terms of components, development cost, architecture, etc., Let us get knowledge about the differences between these frameworks.

AttributeNativeScriptReact NativeFlutter
Initial Release201420152017
Procedural LanguageJavaScript/TypeScriptJavaScriptDart
Backed byTelerikFacebookGoogle
Code reuseUp to 90%Up to 70%50-90%
Platform SupportiOS, Android, Web appsiOS, Android, Web appsiOS, Android
Community SupportExtensiveExtensiveLimited, Growing
GUIProprietary but looks like XMLProprietary but looks like JSXUse proprietary widgets and deliver UI
TTMFasterSlower compared to Flutter Faster

When Should You Go For NativeScripts?

There are a lot of frameworks offering cross-platform development using a single code base. NativeScripts stand out from all of them with its awesome User Interface and code reusability. Here are the circumstances where you should be using our NativeScript for developing an application for your business.

  1. Cross-platform

When you want an application running natively on both iOS and Android, NativeScript is the go-to option. Working with the NativeScript framework saves a lot of time since it uses a single code base for multiple platform development.

  1. Open-source tools

As Nativescript tools are open-source, it comprises many related documents, toolset, sample projects, etc., To extend the application with native functionalities, the open-source examples and plugins can be made use of.

  1. Native performance

NativeScript supports native UI components which allow creating astonishing UI and gives uninterrupted and high performance by making use of the native UI controls. If you require such native performance for your application, then NativeScript can be your choice.

  1. Reuse web development skills

For immense flexibility, NativeScript uses JavaScript. It also uses NPM package management, pre-defined native CSS styles, efficient Webpack, and many more. To utilize such reusable and efficient web development elements, NativeScript tops the table.

  1. Support powered by corporate

With a heap of NativeScript Development Companies in the market, it is easy to pick the one that suits your business needs to develop your NativeScript application. At Pyramidion, we adopt NativeScript Development on a huge scale and we have expertise in developing Native applications that satisfy the trends and your requirements. 

Why Choose NativeScript Development?

Some of the key properties of NativeScript are totally undeniable. It’s an easy development process, rich native components, and faster TTM are all few of the grains. Here are the reasons that demonstrate why you should go for NativeScript Development.

  • Open-source 
  • Efficient usability
  • High performance
  • All-in-one solution
  • Rapid development
  • Native APIs
  • Progress and Apache backed
  • Supports other JavaScript frameworks

Business Benefits You Leverage From NativeScripts

NativeScript uses no web view to render UI. They make use of native UI elements to give better performance. The below-mentioned are other such advantages you gain from NativeScript for developing your business-specific applications.

  • VS Code Integration
  • Reusable code and tools
  • Native API accessibility
  • Large repository of plugins
  • Powerful data visualization
  • Support a lot of JS libraries
  • Native UX and performance
  • Supports TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, and Vue architectures

Wrap Up

NativeScript is becoming the future of application development with mobile apps growing in popularity for both startups and large enterprises. NativeScript allows the development of a native, cross-platform application within time and cost limits. This will lead to even more large extensions in the mobile application world with NativeScript framework provisioning tools to make them get better and easy to use.

So, to build enterprise-level applications and incorporate MVP functionalities and pave the way for rich native performance with a rapid development rate, you can choose the NativeScript framework with no second thoughts.

Choose Our NativeScript Development Company
Pyramidion is a leading NativeScript Development Company that offers you top-notch services with a tech-driven approach. Our process is design-led and our strategic development approaches and ideations help you scale your business at a faster rate and get a renowned position in the market. Our skilled team of experienced developers aims at providing an application that serves as the industry-best solution that can solve all your problems. Connect with us to kick-start your NativeScript app development!

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