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How, Why, and What’s in Converting an iOS App to Android?

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The conversion of the iOS app to the Android app has increased, which is a huge surprise. It is because of the app’s visibility and multi feature choices. Data shows over 73% of the global market share has been captured by Android apps. Changing from one OS to another is not daunting but requires immense planning. If you have an idea to convert your iOS App to Android app for your business, employ developers from a self-starter mobile app development company in Toronto.

Why Toronto for app expansion? IT hubs are a vast area located all over the globe, but only a few are more go-getters. In that list, Toronto wears one of the crowns. There are many reasons and benefits of converting iOS App  to an Android app; the principal reason for the swift is higher revenue. Let’s crack the code on the secret behind it.

#1 What Are the Reasons For Converting an iOS App to an Android App?

Apple/ iOS has undoubtedly gained immense popularity and skyrocketed revenue, capturing many businesses and user bases globally. That’s only reliable for some people. Many technical elements can get discerned with iOS and Android, including market share, navigation user interface, and more.

Data Transfer

The files available in iOS can transfer only with limited options for the users, whereas it is possible for Android with many possibilities.


By using the Android app, there will not be any restrictions to use any features available. Users can easily personalize it with many shortcuts and usage of UI attributes. Also, the user can access various applications available in the Play Store.

Open Source

Since Android is open-source, it has paved many ways to make that app work more efficiently and enable the integration of third-party plugins. It also provides multiple tools to make the app more unique through regular updates.

#2 What Are the Major Benefits of Converting iOS App to Android?

 Discover the main benefit of using Android over iOS app that made people reconsider.

More Convenient

Compared to iOS, Android apps are more convenient to build and use. Also, building an Android app is not necessary to be an expert from IT hubs. Usually, Java is the most preferred in building apps; it provides libraries with various shelves of features and tools.

Global User Networking

Android OS has above 2.5 billion users actively engaging worldwide in over 190 countries. The smartphone market got booming due to users’ interest in Android apps.


Some Android apps available in the Google Play Store are minimal cost, and most numbers are free of charge. The business scalability and workflow can increase using the help of Android apps. 

Easy Submission in Platforms

When compared to the App Store, the Play Store was much more reliable for users and businesses. Also, the play store doesn’t provide many restrictions on deploying apps. This statement has made it a fact that Android app factors are the tickle pink to the people.

Revenue Streams

As mentioned previously, businesses, specifically startups, prefer Android apps to focus on their revenue generation. Google Play Store earns higher revenue through the free apps. Most free apps generate revenue using various income streams, including in-app purchases, ads, and more.

What Are the Process of Converting iOS to Android Apps?

An intense and goal-oriented project or measure is converting the app from iOS App to Android. Let’s break the ice on the standard process or steps to follow.

Concise Planning

The app building plan is a standard start involving everything related to app building from scratch, but the conversion stage is different. It needs complete planning on apps and cost. Also, it requires business tools and an agile framework to make that happen.

Partnering With Android App Development

Once the idea gets ready, it is required to employ a development team. The team must have expertise in converting the app with expert developers and resources. They also will integrate the MBaaS framework to build the app more sufficiently. If your business is looking for a reliable and proficient team, consider choosing Toronto app developers for more insights.

Seek Integrated Development Environment

It is a complex project requiring reliable tools and resources to make that happen. Android Studio is the famous IDE for Android app development and is the most renowned type developers prefer. 

UI Design

UI will switch when it converts from an iOS App to an Android app. It requires an IDE to bring the UI design related to the Android app. Designers can get that idea to happen using more intuitive UI design tools.

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Libraries & Plugins

Java and Kotlin are the most used programming languages to set graphics, features, and more. Since it is needed to convert to Android, plugins can get initiated to bring innovation.

Build the App 

Once it meets all the steps and protocols, it needs to test and debug early to run the app. Android Studio is much appreciated because it can be used on any device to monitor the building process, debug and run.

Deploy the App

The last step is where it gets launched in Google Play and looks for the app’s performance.

Bottom Line

The above will be a guide for your business in the conversion stage. Intending to satisfy users and streamline business operations by converting iOS App to Android apps requires careful planning. The planning phase involves more than just a clear view of your app. It is going to be a portrayal for industries to make decisions. The common question that surrounds is which one is better? Both have distinct features and technical faculty of benefits based on the business model, so it needs to be carefully selected.

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