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Instagram is a photo sharing app which is used to provide an enthralling experience of sharing your photos with your friends and also seeing your friend’s photos with a rich personalization touch added to them in the form of filters.It is an effective way of snapping and sharing your great moments with others.

In a way resembling the other social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter, the Instagram app furnishes a profile for the user base and is associated with a news feed as well. The friends of the user base who are following the particular user can view the user’s photos and videos on their newsfeed section. This is also associated with the other way around. The users can also follow celebrities and brands as well.

The user account features a button which can be availed to start following. In the event the user base has made settings to their account being a private one, then their authentication is needed to access the profiles.In the event, the settings for the profile in the app are set to public, virtually anyone can view the profile of the specific user and get to see their video and photo files.

Since its inception 7 years ago, Instagram was limited to posting only photos and retouching them with some existing filter options. However after progress, at present, the user base can make posts with the help of the app easily and can generate posts from the video files and pictures. Currently, the app has allowed video files of 10 minutes in length to be shared in the Instagram posts.Featured in Instagram are several filters like 1977, Rise, Toaster, Kelvin, Juno, Moon and lots more which can be incorporated to add a unique touch to the photos and video files. In addition to the amazing filters, the app features editing tools which help in manipulating the brightness, contrast, shadows, sharpness and other features associated with the photo.Filters intensify the fun with regards to tweaking photos and sharing it with other people. Filters usage requires minimal knowledge to master and it can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

Provided the filtering work is over with the relevant alterations made, the user will then have to access a tab to enter a caption and tag it before sharing the post with other social networks. For the new Instagram Stories there are two new features called Rewind and Hashtag. The former is used to play a video in reverse and the latter is manipulated to add a new sticker to the Story and fill it with a hashtag.

For the Android users, they can manipulate the app even in offline mode where they can do the related process and the post will be shared once they come online.Further added is the two-factor authentication process, a standalone app for the Windows desktop, face filters and lots more to provide an enthralling experience of using the app and sharing the wonderful moments with others.

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