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Although related to mobile app maintenance featured is the absence of a universal all comprising set of rules, the aspect of app maintenance is very much important to the existence of a mobile app in the App Store. Mobile app domain has gained rapid momentum and there are frequent updates from mobile app developers and hence there should be insight about the update of the current trends related to the same.


In the event a mobile app has been launched onto the App Store, the brand owning the app has to focus on the next venture which is related to being in sync with the updates so that the app is in terms of the latest guidelines. Incessant mobile app maintenance is important in contributing to the success of the rapidly varying world of mobile app development.


Featured are the important factors which have to be considered when developing a mobile app

Operating System: Mobile apps have to be necessarily updated with the updates featured in the operating system of Android and iOS updates.

Programming Language: If there are changes, variations, and updates with respect to the programming language then the app has to be updated.


App Designing:

Previously before the advent of Apple and Android, it was Skeuomorphic mode of design which was prominent. As time proceeded the mobile apps began to embrace Android and Apple’s Material and Flat Design respectively.


App Maintenance Cost

By now there is surely some insight regarding the impact of overlooking app maintenance and it could prove to be very harmful resulting in the app fading away from existence. Hence there should be the clear focus given to the expenditure of app updating and maintenance

Based on what the company Appdexa researched, the expenditure related to maintenance varies between $50,000 to $ 1,50,000. It is related to the main features which have to be subject to maintenance. The expenditure is split into the following


App Hosting Cost

The mobile apps are integrated with third-party cloud services normally. Instances include Microsoft Azure and AWS. The rate at which media is used up in the app will decide the related expenditure.


Monitoring Analysis

Manipulation of app analytics tools is vital with regards to surveying usage patterns. In order to generate a real-time app performance analysis, these tools have to be made use of effectively.


App License

Featured are some mobile app development logics which are a part of the licensed technology which can be acquired from mobile app development companies for an extra cost and charge.


Key Takeaway

Mobile app maintenance can be signified as making the mobile app up to date with the current technology, guidelines, and trends. It is also associated with maintaining the apps to be bug-free.

In addition to syncing the app with the latest guidelines, close attention must be given to the reviews which are accumulated from the user base so as to promote additional enhancements to be integrated with the mobile app.


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