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Research reveals that the Apple App Store features 2.2 million apps and the Google Play Store encompasses 2.8 million apps. Featuring an influx of mobile apps numbering in the millions, there won’t be a second opportunity to make the user base enthralled by the app and further proceed to download it. To form an opinion about the app, at present the user spends a time less than a minute. Related to the same it is important for mobile app developers to design an app which prospers well enough. Detailed below are some reasons why the app is not popular as of yet.

A successful app makes an innovative upheaval for the enterprise and it is suggested that the plans should be developed from the moment of involving in the idea. It is also related to the milestones which the enterprises want to reach and the traits associated with the app.

Key Performance Indicator emphasizes that for an app to be thriving well, it is dependent on the income goals and the aspects related to app download, the usage metrics and the such. When goals are set related to income then it should include the aspects like in-app purchase, paid downloads and other methodologies to get more income. On the contrary, if a mobile app is not developed without integrating a concrete goal then the prospects of the app will look bleak indeed.

Inadequate Market Research

Featured in the app market where there is intense vying, an innovative idea or an eye capturing design is not adequate enough. An extensive analysis is important to realize the same

The aspects which have to be contemplated encompass the apt target market, desires of the user base, the current market requirements, the competition from formidable rivals and lots more. All the aspects are mandatory to be researched so as to augment the app downloads significantly.

Provided there has been a revolutionary proposal related to app development, it is a must to contemplate the advantages and pitfalls associated with the same in order to make the app success ratio favorable. A detailed market analysis must be incorporated with an important goal whenever an app is designed for the enterprise.

Overlook Mobile OS

Insight regarding the apt mobile platform has to be contemplated when market research is carried out. Clear justification and confirmation related to the analysis of the target audience must be done as to whether the app must be developed for the Android or iOS or any other platform.This will serve to captivate the audience. In the event the enterprise wants to assimilate a large audience base, then the app can be developed on several platforms concurrently

Poor Security of App and Mobile Data

App’s chances of success are impeded by negligible app security. Featured currently, is a rise in security breaches and the user base is worried that the data present in the mobile can be exposed. The latter will download the app only if the security factor is enhanced and strong enough. Hence, coming to mobile app developers they must have considerable insight related to mobile app security so as to develop a well fortified mobile app.

Overlooking the Latest Technology

Featured currently are apps which are designed using the integration of Augmented and Virtual Reality so as to generate an enthralling experience with the help of the latest technology. To quote an instance, the highly successful Pokemon app made use of the latest technology so as to captivate the user base. On the contrary showing, negligent importance to technology will impact the download ratio on a negative scale.

Irrelevant UI and Bad UX

Well thriving mobile apps must incorporate a proper User Interface and the same goes for User Experience as well. It is recommended that the app has to be developed after gaining considerable insight related to the targeted audience base along with their traits and preferences. This will help in choosing the apt User Interface and UX so that the audience is enthralled. Developing an app from the user’s perceptions and desires will prevent the app to be deemed as a failed venture.

Imperfect App Testing

In the case, that the user base identified an issue then they are annoyed and if the condition is repetitive, the call it quits to the app and will search for other alternative apps. App testing is of prime most importance so that the app is ensured to be bug-free and very well fortified.Intense verification has to be done so as to gauge the app security features. Updates and patches have to be developed when the feedback says that there is an error in the bug. Hence, it is mandatory for the mobile app developers to pay attention to the user reviews and develop updates along with incorporating new attributes. Failure to do so will affect the app with respect to its download ratio and will worsen the aspect of bad feedback from the user base.

Poor App Branding

To ensure that the given mobile app registers greater download ratio, then the app must have generated a sound and infallible strategy well before the launch and the app must have created an atmosphere of excitement prior to the launch. It is also important to incorporate a good branding scheme so that the app awareness becomes widespread with relation to the audience base. If not, the milestones and objectives cannot be reached and completed.

Mobile app branding and enhancement requires the prowess and knowledge to make it effective. Important planning and the related schemes have to be developed as App branding ventures for the website, banners, and the implementation of social media to name a few. Poor app branding can result in negative outcomes related to app awareness and which in turn leads to poor app ranking in the app stores.

Other aspects which prevent the app from accumulating substantial downloads incorporates poor association with the user base, problems related to security and poor comprehension related to the prevailing trends to name a few.


In the event that the user base is not downloading and installing the app, there are various factors to be contemplated. A good research about the market is important prior to app design. Further, a goal has to be setup and the user base’s desires have to be satisfied. The app has to be developed on several platforms depending upon the need and should come with effective UI and UX along with powerful app security, intense testing and good app branding to name a few to ensure good app download ratio.

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