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Based on an analysis, there has been an increase in ransomware invasions in the first quarter of this year which is 13 times more than being associated with the previous quarter. Another report notes that a figure of more than 20 million threats is lurking to ambush mobile apps.
Typically the mobile app developers tend to overlook the best practices related to mobile app security when the development phase is going on and as a result, mobile apps don’t offer adequate security to safeguard the enterprises and confidential data.


A majority of the enterprises fear that their mobile apps will be breached with regards to security in a short time frame.


8 best practices to ensure mobile app security


Programming powerful code

The app developers can integrate robust security in the app during the coding phase. Fundamental measures block the injection of scripts by manipulating the mobile app’s data entry forms where as a consequence security is augmented. Manipulation of methodologies like content controls and “open in” restrictions serve to safeguard the app from being exposed. The app is fortified from the typical security breaches.



Test your code

The aspect of mobile app security has to be integrated from the start of the project. Methods like incorporating the developers and the testers into the specific business unit can help in speedy identification of bugs and promote communication. It is suggested that the code has to be experimented in the real world by authenticating the installation related to the app. Manipulation of penetration testing, data security testing, and network security testing prove to be handy.



Enhance user authentication

Developing mobile app security norms for the enterprise must involve the manipulation of robust passwords with the help of reliable verification methods related to the apps. Adopting two-factor authentication is also effective with the assistance of third-party tools like Authy.



Secure data storage

Another important aspect to be considered is secured data storage. The apps have to be developed keeping the former in mind and the data encoded in the products serve to mitigate the risk associated with misplaced devices. Implementation of remote device wiping features also serves to safeguard confidential information.



Fortifying transaction gateways

Integrating risk-aware transactions helps in safeguarding the apps from security breaches. Integration of code which analyzes user location and IP velocity can be done. The app development is also done in such a way that the data is encoded with the help of tools like FIPS 140-2. VPN support can also be integrated to boost payment security.



Jailbreak protection

When a device is jailbroken, the users can easily circumvent the integrated security features to install external pirated and unwarranted software enlarging the risk factor for the enterprise BYOD environments. Jailbreak protection serves to scrutinize the products and helps in preventing the mobile app to function on exposed and undermined products.



Secure server communication

In order to stop hackers from breaching the data streams between the apps and the associated servers, the manipulation of secure server communication is important. It is good to integrate VPN connectivity at the application level.


Incessant updates

Frequent software updates must be provided to reinforce the security of the app and protect the enterprise data associated. Issues have to be patched up once they have been identified and serves to restrict the time which hackers have to their advantage to circumvent typical security problems.


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