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Featured about Reddit is that its mobile apps were associated with a big upgrade. It was the first ever move ever since the brand contemplated to assume control related to the Reddit mobile experience which was earlier accessible through external sources. The rolled out features encompass several new features related to media utilization and the way it manages such content like images, recordings, and GIFs. Also included is the integration of live comment feeds and tools for moderators and interaction via chat with the help of the app.


A portion of the highlights appears to be motivated by what third-party clients have to offer.

For instance, the new Theater Mode feature on iOS gives clients a chance to peruse media in what Reddit terms as a “video-first” configuration. This enables clients to avail media, similar to the unique video, in a full-screen mode. They can likewise opt to see everything in scene mode and swipe forward and backward between every media file.

Although this is a conspicuous subsequent progression for Reddit in the mobile field, it’s significant that a full-screen media mode is one of the highlights that helped the new Reddit application, Apollo to be critically acclaimed and embraced last year.


So also, the capacity to avail links in Safari (by means of Safari View Controller) on iOS as opposed to utilizing Reddit’s native in-application program is featured as another element you can discover in Apollo. This has likewise been among one of the clients’ biggest demands, Reddit says.

Different highlights, be that as it may, drive the Reddit customers into the new region while utilizing their position as the official mobile applications.

For instance, Reddit’s iOS application will now feature live comments, transforming Reddit into an all the more constant experience, and modifying such that it feels like Twitter.


iOS is likewise the principal official Reddit application to be incorporated with the chat feature.

The related attribute has additionally been in beta testing featuring a large number of Reddit clients over the site. Presently, as chat winds up noticeably accessible on mobile, clients can pick in the beta.

A few other new highlights are intended to make Reddit’s applications more practical, and simultaneously others are tied in with developing community.


Clients and arbitrators would now be able to include “post flair” on the two iOS and Android – a handy method to recognize distinctive kinds of content. Another comment speed read button as associated with the Android platform gives clients a chance to hop between the best level comments in a dialog. Another change guarantees that the original posters (OP’s) username are constantly unmistakable, even when associating with the Home feed.

Rolled out as another sector of highlights are intended for Reddit’s mediators.

This incorporates the capacity to switch on “Mod mode” to favor, discard, and flag data from iOS and Android – or even mass authorize, delete, or flag things in a larger scale, for those responsible for bigger groups. Moderators can likewise get to the beta and existing Modmail experiences and can enhance the sector of moderators and endorsed submitters from their telephone, crosswise over the two iOS and Android platforms

Reddit says it has rearranged and disentangled other moderator responsibilities, as well, such as restricting, muting and reporting.

Reddit says it has more than 330 million month to month dynamic clients, who post more than 9 million times each month, and ~370,000 times each day. It additionally takes note of that more youthful clients are inclined toward mobile, with 58 percent of those in the age demographics between 18 to 34 favoring portable web and mobile applications alone. The Pageview development crosswise over Reddit has multiplied since the beginning of 2016, and mobile engagement is higher when evaluated with desktop, the organization additionally notes.

Also, Reddit gets income through promoting, including on mobile as well. To do as such successfully, it needs more control over the native application involvement keeping in mind the end goal is to offer highlights for sponsors, for example, the as of late presented support for mobile application attribution through blending with accomplices like Tune, Adjust and Kochava for application installation promotions, or just to just better take into account branders who need to target mobile specifically.



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