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Designing a sophisticated and interactive mobile app for an enterprise provides the platform to market the specific brand’s products and provide more pleasing services for the customer base. The data accumulated from the user base can be made effective in developing captivating offers. The mobile app serves as a portal to access anything related to the enterprise.In the midst of this app boom, featured are two new competitors namely Progressive Web apps and Android Instant apps which are dedicated to integrating the productive features associated with mobile web and the app world.


The official statement as posted by Google regarding these new apps has raised the question among the general people if they are supplementing each other or are engaged with each other in a duel. Android app development brands can exploit the potential of these 2 categories so as to make big profits.


Android instant apps at a glance

Featured for the Android fans are the new Instant apps. As the name implies they furnish immediate usability and operation to the user circumventing the need to download and install the app. In the prevailing scenario of less device storage, the instant apps serve to appease the user base to finish a given task all without installing the app.

To make this feasible, there is a mandatory requirement to activate instant apps in the device. This is done by availing the smartphone settings menu and then by navigating to Google which is featured below the personal category. Next to be accessed is services category where it has to be toggled. Finally, the instructions are viewed and then Yes is tapped.


Progressive Web Applications exploit the benefits of the current technologies so as to integrate mobile and web apps. It is nothing but the manipulation of the latest standardized web APIs like Web Manifest and Web Push related to developing web apps. Featured is an enthralling experience which looks like it is done from mobile apps. These Progressive Web Applications serve to develop an app which is compatible with all the platforms. The underlying fact is to develop amazing and desired mobile web market over that of mobile apps.


The instant apps serve to augment the download factor as the users are subject to quick enlightenment regarding the app. And there is the likelihood that the users will experiment with several more apps before ultimately opting for the best.


Progressive Web Apps feature enhanced web experience which progresses simultaneously with rich and enthralling native experience. They are without a doubt the future when it comes to mobile apps. The reason is due to the fact that they make use of amazing native web experience in place of devoted mobile apps.



Android Instant Apps occupy a major responsibility when it comes to branding apps. This is done by merely developing an instant layer over the apps and then exploit the beneficial trait of easy and instant discoverability. On the other hand, the Progressive Web Apps will set a new exemplar for the mobile apps which are of top priority related to the mobile environment. In the event that you possess a captivating proposal, for better outcomes, there must be some time dedicated to the thought process of progressing forward as PWAs.


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