Innovative Ways to Make your Mobile Application Quicker And Lead the Race In the Rivalry

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Development of your vision into a mobile app and releasing it into the market the quicker is better to gain the edge in competition. However, between that timeframe, there is very much likely the possibility that someone else is as well inclined with the idea you had in mind. Thereby in terms of success, its the one who gets the app launched first.

However, that said, that isn’t a cake walk. There are lots of choices that have to be considered and finalized. Post that work begins the actual real deal. Everything might be daunting but if handled in an organized manner that cleverly, you will lead the race way ahead.

This article will detail the vital aspects that will get you things done quickly without compromising on the quality that you envisioned in the first place.


1. Wireframes

A wireframe can be termed as the basic underlying framework of your application. It takes into account everything related to the design and development related work and thereby you present a clear picture of what the team has to do. All the people involved will know what is their task exactly and that clearly.

Keep in mind to go for Wireframes that are simple in nature but which can be enhanced as time proceeds.


2. Beginning everything from a Single Platform

Refrain from app development on both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously as the time involved in the work will swell up very much for sure. Despite the fact that your target audience may be inclined on both the platforms it is recommended to begin the work on just one platform. Once that work is done, there is no harm in starting the work on the other platform.


3. Releasing the MVP initially

The concept of Minimum Viable Product implies launching a prototype of your mobile app idea with just the fundamental features. Give importance to what exactly is the vital need of the hour from the user base perspective and address that in the MVP. This facilitates to get the prototype out soon enough and based on the reviews accumulated make the necessary enhancements to get more success when launching the final app mainstream.


4. Adhering to the Agile Methodology with Short Sprints

This methodology is primarily known to enhance the work by making all the teams involved in development to be in sync with one another combining the aspects of clear communication and team spirit. This will simplify the entire work and all the changes that may arise are dealt with effectively. The iteration cycles are as made quick and the whole work speeds up.


5. Automated Testing

A vital phase of the development work that unfortunately consumes a majority of the time involved is Testing. Automating this work can save a considerable amount of time associated with testing all types of complex applications for both the Android and iOS platforms.


6. Taking every helping hand possible

It is suggested that you leverage all the resources that are currently accessible. This comprises the likes of the BaaS providers, libraries and the such. The related time involved in the actual work will be chopped down by a large margin. If a feature needs to be outsourced, do it immediately without hesitation.


7. Carefully Analyzing everything all over again and again

Despite your feverish and dedicated sincerity to get the things done before the deadline, there are chances that you may goof up here and then. Thereby on a weekly basis carry out the careful work to analyze all the estimate factors and assess every task repeatedly for better outcomes.


8. Instilling Team Spirit and Promoting Encouragement

An effective project no matter how ambitious it might be will be fruitful only if the people involved are also that skilled. Encourage team spirit so as to feed the sense of collaboration in all the various teams to join forces and finish everything victoriously. It can also be used to use all the people’s full powers as a whole unit and incorporate innovation as well to facilitate even better results.



The aforementioned techniques can surely conserve a large amount of time associated with the development work and get your app out on the market well before your rivals can figure out what exactly is going on.


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