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Developing a web application may include many things, but one of the essential things is to have the right technology stack. Having a good user experience is not enough to gain revenue, but a secure and reliable application is needed that satisfies all business requirements of the customer and earn more profit.
A technology stack is nothing but a combination of some tools and frameworks, which are made available in a single place, so the work of a developer is easy and comfortable. A typical web development process is consisting of a frontend, backend and databases to create web applications.
Before choosing a technology stack, it is crucial to do research and figure out what kind of app you are building and determine the prefect ones that check all the boxes. Here are some essential standards to consider while choosing the tech stack.
Intricacy level of the Application
To choose the right tech stack, it is essential to know what level of the complex application you need. The technology stack has a significant impact on how the web application functions. There are three ways to define the complexity of an application, and that is simple, medium and complex.
A simple website may consist of simple landing pages that require minimal coding and UI designs, and a mid-level web application may include sites like online shopping or any service-based application. The complex web application may consist of social media or any relevant big marketing websites. All these require different programming languages and databases, so choose the right one based on your Application.
Project Magnitude
The size and magnitude of the project is a pivotal factor to consider before choosing a tech stack, more the size the more complex the web application becomes. The magnitude of the project can also be categorized into simple, mid-level and complex. The simple projects may consist of single-page web applications and small websites. The mid-level projects include online stores, and that may require complex programming languages and cross-platform frameworks. Therefore, frameworks such as angular are
The complex or large web applications may include social media applications, and these websites need speed and useful functionalities to attract users. Therefore a combination of an excellent framework, programming languages and database is required. So consider all these factors before choosing a tech stack.
Safety and Security
It is extremely important to develop a secure web application that is safe from the hackers, but also know that it is not entirely possible to be immune to the hackers. So, using reliable technologies and programming languages is essential to avoid any security-related problems.
The developers should follow all the security measures and precautions while developing web applications and an explicit authentication and authorization protocol must be followed. Also, the coding should not leave any easy traces to hack so that the website will be more protected from the hackers.
Marketing Strategy
The marketing is as essential as developing a functional web application. At the end of the day, marketing is the only tool that helps to reach the audience. The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be used to get instant feedback and allows the developers to create user- friendly applications.
If not MVP, then can opt to for any web development companies to promote and launch your products comfortably in the market.
Scalable Web Applications
The web applications should be developed in a way that they take more workload while increasing the resources. Use the right technology stack, so that there won’t be any scalability issues. The frameworks with the best scalability are React, Node.js, Golang, etc.
Error Testing
Testing is a huge part of web development, and it ensures that the Application is running correctly without any hindrance. Any untested code can cause bugs in the future, to avoid all this use proper technologies and tools needed for testing.
Consider using Test-driven technology, it enables the developers to write the testing code before developing code and ensure smooth and error-free running technology.
To conclude, picking the right technology stack is not an easy task, but it is an essential part of web development and ensures fast and efficient web application. Instead of going with the popular ones select the ones that are best suited for your Application.
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