Important Questions to Answer Before Developing a Mobile App

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Do you think that developing a mobile app for you business is an easy task? Then think again. It is a well-thought decision that consists of several intricacies. The key lies in embracing these intricacies so that there is a hassle-free process in the future. Now let’s see 12 important questions that every business should genuinely answer before endeavoring on a mobile application development process.


What is the necessity of a mobile app?

This may sound to be a very basic question but this is very crucial for the development of your app. You should think in terms of what your app will do for your business. After all, if you cannot properly express the value of the app and the customer needs then your mobile app dream may not be a well-thought decision.


How will a mobile app boost your technology strategy?

Have you ever considered the importance of building an application that is in sync with the host of systems that are driving your business operations? The key is that your mobile app should harmonize with the existing systems.


Have you made a competitor analysis?

You would be highly curious to know what features the user requires to a great extent. Then you just have to assess the landscape. You can gain a lot from the competitor’s mistakes, gain more feature ideas, and do a great job in bringing meaning to your concept.


Have you dived into Progressive Web Apps?

Well for the uninitiated, Progressive Web Apps is the way to store data offline through an IndexedDB. It is a website and you can harness SEO to maximize your traffic. It is similar to a hybrid app because it functions on all mobile platforms and form factors. So go through the importance of PWAs also before diving into mobile app development.


Is there a support for iOS, Android or both?

This comes down to your specific business situation. So plan it accordingly.


Are you opting for a native or hybrid approach?

Naïve apps are built exclusively for Android or iOS using the SDK. Hybrid apps are built applying open source platforms including React Native and Cordova. Analyse the pros and cons of both and develop the app.


Do you have the money to fructify your mobile strategy?

You may be depending on in house resources or outsourcing the mobile app development plan. Whatever it is, developing a mobile app has a profound financial and time cost connected to it.


Are you ready to support further releases?

We may be having the best of intentions but eventually bugs will emerge from the app, users will ask for new features, and security updates will become essential to maintain the health of the app. So don’t lag in the competition and be prepared to bring in a continuous mobile release cycle.


How will your UI/UX design and process flow make your app shine in the crowd?

User-friendliness and an attractive design are essential for the success of a mobile app. It may sound de-motivating but the reality is that you cannot make any error in this department. The key lies in making even the non-technical person appreciate the app.


How will you make yourself shine in the app store?

You would know the importance of optimizing a website through SEO. Similarly, you should also consider user search in the app store.


Have you thought about your marketing plan?

Your build phase would be completed and you have to plan after it. In fact, enterprises have several tools for promoting a mobile app.


How will you track the growth of your app?

You should understand how your app goes well with the user. Besides, there should be a provision to be notified as soon as possible when something falters in your app.



Building a mobile app is not an easy task; you need to prepare a lot and should take lot of important decisions. When you do it correctly, the reward is what you deserve for your hard work.

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