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Importance of App Store Optimization and Tips to Boost Your App Downloads

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ASO commonly known as App Store Optimization is the best methodology to optimize mobile applications to achieve an ultimate success of receiving numerous downloads as this can ultimately result in high-ranking in the app store in your targeted area. As per the mobile app community, the app store optimization is closely equal to search engine optimization (SEO) which follows a set of procedures to optimize a website to organically rank in the search engine with quality content, structured URLs, titles, and so on.

Why is App Store Optimization important?
There are millions of mobile applications available in the different app stores, which makes the users a difficult task to choose one particular application. So, stand high in your particular industry, your app should provide higher quality and features than your competitors. Developing a high stand application alone can not make an app reach your target audience. You need to optimize your app store to firmly grasp the audience for which you need to implement App Store Optimization methodology in your business. Here, in this article, we have listed some of the App Store Optimization tips and methods for the success of your mobile application.

Understand your audience search behaviour 
The first thing in app store optimization is understanding your audience needs and behaviour because they are the end-user of your application. So, make sure that your application provides the exact solution to your customer. Also, it is essential to note what language your audience commonly use? Where is your audience located and reasons to search for your application? Create scenarios and questions from your customer point of view to have a deeper understanding of your audience behaviour.

Focus on your target keywords
No matter what kind of application you are developing it is important to concentrate on your target keywords and maximize it based on your audience search volume in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Google Play Store works by maximizing its keywords just like SEO. The play store scans your application along with the description so; you can give 4000 characters to describe your mobile app in its customer language.

Optimize your description
It is always important that you have a compelling description of your mobile application. The description should be driven by keeping your customer in mind. The description should be precise and in a readable format for the customers who are viewing, downloading, and using the application. One best thing to increase the app download is to update or change the description based on any changes in the app store itself.

Use high-resolution screenshots
Though screenshots do not help improve ranking in the app store, it is the first impression that attracts the user to move further with the application. It is recommended to have quality screenshots that give a visual representation of how your application looks. Remember iOS App Store allows 5 screenshots and Android Play Store allows 8 screenshots, in which only 3 screenshots are loaded in the page along with your application. So, make sure that all your 3 screenshots are of high quality. If you have any doubt related to screenshots, refer the guidelines provided in the app stores where you get detailed information for specific situations.

App Preview Video
The app preview video is one of the best features to increase app visuality. Ask yourself whether a preview video makes sense to your application? Will, this helps customers to understand your application better? If the answer is yes, then create an appropriate app preview video that best denotes the features of your application. Note that Google Play Store allows you to include only one YouTube video and iOS allows you to include a maximum of 3 different videos.

Use the App Store Analytics Properly 
App Store Analytics is one of the best features available within the App Stores that provide reliable feedback on how successful your application is running. Analytics gives you valuable data about your app and key indicators to improve the performance in the app store. With App Store Analytics, you can improve the performance of the application and stand out in the competitive market.

Implementing App Store Optimization (ASO) might be tricky, but you can achieve great success by following the tips mentioned above and tricks to optimize your application in different angles. If you are interested in getting your application in the top charts, then implement a proper ASO methodology listed above.

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