How Uber Drivers rate their passengers

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At present in Uber, it is not just the passengers who rate the driver. It also happens the other way around. Drivers also provide the rating for passengers on a scale of 1 to 5. Although the passengers may think this is of minor consequences, there are impacts featured with a poor passenger rating.


Based on what an UberX driver noted, when the rating is low, the driver will hesitate to accept the ride. It could be like the rider features a 3.2 rating and the driver is uncomfortable in making the ride due to poor passenger rating.


For riders on accessing their ratings and finding it abysmal, all is not lost as the number is just a mean of all the ratings associated with the passenger on each ride and getting some five-star reviews will boost the mean rating.


What factors make a driver to give a 5-star rating is not that easy to be discernible.

An analysis of more than 40 Uber drivers revealed some of the basic logic behind the rating system. If the passenger sticks onto the following standards then they are assured of a 5-star rating.


When the ride-hailing passenger is found to be a proper human being, he is credited with 5 stars. In the situation, the passenger is drunk or creates a ruckus in the car making the driver feel unsafe then they get only one star for their mess.


Typically the driver has set a 5-star rating for the passengers at the start of the trip. If the passenger is doing anything unlawful or behaving badly the points will be deducted and this also holds for leaving garbage in the cab.


Passengers must ensure that when they leave, they should not leave behind anything and ensure that the car is neat as it was before the passenger availed the ride in the vehicle. A typical case showed where a passenger left a half-drained bottle of apple cider and cooked up a story of not being able to take the item. The passenger got one star for her actions.


Drivers don’t prefer passengers who get sick and make a mess in the car by vomiting. If the passengers are complaint with the driver, they are assured of 5 stars.


Some drivers rate badly behaving passengers who are rude with only 4 stars. Related to the intensity of the rudeness factor, the rating could drop to one star as well. Another driver noted that most of the rides are given 5 stars in the event the riders are not very rude.


A usual reason which results in poor passenger rating is the wait time which the passengers make the drivers subject to. Drivers highly regard riders who are punctual with regards to the ride the moment the former’s vehicle arrives.


Most of the drivers rate riders with 5 stars provided they are amicable and give a tip. If the friendly passengers don’t give a tip their ratings will suffer.


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