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To emerge and establish a strong footing for your application in terms of downloads when considering the millions already featured, a basic step is giving it the perfect name as it is what that signifies if users are interested with the app or not.

However, naming an app is no piece of cake. Everything has to be short yet strong and effective in the search results. Also included are strict adherence to standards and the such. Juggling all at once is not easy as well.

Based on research, this article suggests the effective approaches from a technical point of view in relation to success for you.


1. Giving a unique app name:

Despite innovation with regards to the app development and the app as well, the search results usually feature a lot of apps with the name being very much generic to yours

Consequently, the app gets lost in the ocean of apps and users become befuddled when it comes to downloading.Thereby your app loses its shine.

User base prefers downloading an app with an original and captivating name. Use that principle and develop a name symbolizing what you have to offer as an entrepreneur.


2. Shortened name:

iOS apps have only 30 characters to impress people and for Android apps, it is 50. Also in addition to the search results, only the first half of the name is prominent. Thereby keep it as much as short yet that strong.


3. Manipulating Keywords:

Keywords are vital to making your app visible. Pertaining to the keyword entered, the app store will display the relevant application in the search engines.

For effectiveness first, accumulate all the top ranking keywords related to your category and choose which you feel is apt enough for the app. Make sure to include one or two relevant ones in the app name. As a precaution avoid being scammy and other such activities not recommended.


4. Take advantage of the emotions:

The app name has to be such that, it will convince a user that it will sort out their issues. This is an advantage to make them immediately to download the application.


5. Innovation before confirmation:

Naming an app is best done on a discussion with a group like your team members or friends. Input their suggestions so as to come up with a charming name. Bias will arise if this is done all alone



App naming is not a daunting venture at all and it can be made into a joyride. Taking all things into account as aforementioned be also sure to adhere to App Store rules when it comes to this work in getting a captivating and distinct name for the application of yours.

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