How To Launch Mobile Apps For Smaller Enterprises

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They should realize however that mobile apps help any business irrespective of their size. These apps are implemented as a growth tool for some enterprises.

Relating to the above facts, on the contrary, some small scale enterprises rely on apps such that their survival is not guaranteed without them. From the trends associated with the last few years, mobile app development has become a needed must for small enterprises.

Mobile apps are developed by a plethora of methods namely 1. Developed by an in-house team 2. Outsourcing the app development to a well-known agency 3. Guidance by freelancers 4. Implementing app builder software and the such. Such methodologies possess their typical pros and cons where in-house development consumes a lot of expenditure as the services of an expert in the related field are availed. It also eats up a large chunk of the resources related to the brand size. An effective methodology is to outsource the app development.

Such agencies possess great insight and are well seasoned in regards to app development. Even the most intricate app design is taken care by them with relative simplicity.

The aspects of availing a freelancer should be discouraged as it produces unpredictable results.

App builder software is not that up to date and the resultant apps look obsolete.

Effective analysis can help brands to narrow down on a mobile app development agency suiting the former’s needs.

How to launch the mobile app?

The small enterprises typically cannot accomplish objectives just by developing an app. They have to brand it effectively as well. Sans effective branding, even the very best of the apps will face dire consequences. Fortunately, the brands don’t have to invest a lot or have a huge branding team to promote the app.

Detailed below are pre-launch, launch and post-launch methodologies with respect to mobile app branding. If the mobile app is in the early stages, a suggested move is to initiate the pre-launch for approximately six months so as to initiate the deployment of the app.

Comprehending the target audience

The target audience has to be narrowed down and an app must be generated based on their requirements. Insight regarding who will profit from the app and how it is greater than the rival apps should be analyzed.
App Landing page
An appropriate app landing page has to be implemented for the app and make it primed for the test. Provided the page is live, a demo of the app can be generated and leads can be accumulated and synced in order to evaluate the messaging scheme.

Promoting visibility on social platforms

Brands can augment their social reach by discerning the well demanded social networks with relation to the target audience. If the aspect is related to age, then branding should be related to the specific age category of the audience which is focused on.

Promo videos

Promo videos which promote the charm of the app in a very small scale of time have to be developed. The app must be implemented in a way such that the early customers can comprehend and share it with others.


Promo videos catapult the mobile app branding to a higher stage. The time span associated can be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, where the advantages are lucid and clear.

Feedback and reviews

Feedback implementation propagates efficient app testing prior to launch. A communication portal between the brand and the beta testers is to be established, where any issues can be reported and suggestions are integrated along with the comments as well. Lots of feedback result in equipping the app even more properly.


Some weeks prior to the app launch, a press kit can be generated. Strides must be carried out to ensure that bloggers have completely analyzed the app and that the user base can avail details regarding the app without much difficulty. The moment press kit is generated, a determination can be done so as to find the value in either covering it or not.


An analysis reveals that more than half of the mobile apps are found through app store search results. To boost ranking the brand has to nudge and interact with the audience in their local tone. The message should contemplate the terms and should make it known to the target audience.

Launch the app

Next, comes the deployment of the app where it is launched onto the desired store. Importance must be given to the app store norms to ensure that there wont be any issues for the app to be approved. The app has to be submitted a week prior to the launch so that any modifications can be done in the final hours.


Once the aspect of the app being deployed and present in the app store is done alerts should be created regarding the presence of the app. Emails have to be conveyed for those who have registered for such alerts on the landing page and make them aware of the app launch.

Alerts should be made to the press related to the app launch. They have to be nudged to install the app.

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App updates have to be deployed a few weeks after the app launch. The trust of the customers is augmented by acting on their reviews.

Patching up the bugs will signify that the user base is of great importance and that the brand is making strives to augment the app quality. A good resolution is to patch up a lot of issues in the initial update so that it does not affect the ratings of the app.


The initial customers have to be enthralled so as to increase the chances of surviving in the vying market. This is promoted by ensuring a great experience to the customers so that they feel worthy and of great value.


In the stages after the app is launched productively, the user base’s needs have to be given primary importance and the customers should be subject to an enthralling experience by exploiting the resources.The requests have to be categorized based on consistency and priority.


It is typical that once the mobile app is launched on to the stores, the brands forget everything.

The app launch is not a static aspect. On the contrary, it is an incessant process of augmenting the apps to satisfy the stakeholders. The user base has to be made glued incessantly to the apps and revolutionary techniques have to be implemented to maintain and augment the present momentum.

Pyramidion Solutions is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Chennai, India where high standard quality and customer satisfaction are the prime mottos. Be it Android, iOS or Windows Platform, we are there to cater to all your needs and requirements to develop an intricate yet interactive mobile app amazing you.


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