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How to Hire Industry-Best App Developers in Toronto?

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When a startup or a large business decides that their organization needs a mobile application, they begin developing concepts. Nothing should come as a surprise, they have great ambitions for marketing, expansion, and improved chances with the notion of building an app.

According to Statista, app sales will exceed $935 billion by 2023. Mobile applications have become vital for all businesses as a result of recent technological advancements and innovation. In terms of which every mobile app development company in Canada is doing its best to satisfy every business’s needs. App developers in Canada are highly in demand given the rise in need for business apps as well as their talent.

Here are some stats that justify the same,

  • Global consumer spending on mobile applications is anticipated to reach $171 billion by 2024. 
  • Even in the slowest-growing nations on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, income would climb by more than 80% by 2024.
  • By this time, revenue from mobile gaming will have topped $97.8 billion, accounting for around 41% of total consumer expenditure. 
  • The App Store will account for a major percentage of the expenditure, with $57 billion in mobile game sales in 2024 vs $41 billion for Google Play.
  • Women account for 17.6% of all mobile App developers, whereas men account for 71.2%.
  • On average, a recruited mobile app developer is 39 years old.
  • The average yearly compensation for mobile app developers is $101,982.
  • The starting salary for a mobile app developer is $72,000 on average.
  • In 2021, women will earn 92% of what men would earn.

Given all these, there are several factors or tips to hire app developers in Canada. Let us dig into briefly about each of them in the forthcoming sections. 

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Tips for Hiring Industry-best Mobile App Developers in Canada

#1 Look for an Experienced Group of App Developers in Canada

Begin your search for freelance app developers in Canada or a seasoned mobile app development company in Canada. You might have the following doubts,

  • How can I discover app developers in Canada?
  • How can I locate an app developer?

The most important element to consider when hiring a mobile app development company in Canada is their experience. Creating market and business-focused software is a demanding task that necessitates a high degree of competence and experienced developers.

#2 Examine Developers’ Previous Projects

By looking at prior projects, you may learn about the app developers’ approaches and delivery quality. In their prior work portfolio, you may find the answer to how to hire a mobile app development company in Canada. Always check out the functionality, design talents, and project completion time of the developer’s software.

#3 Make Contact With Previous Clients

Several aspects must be considered before deciding on partnering with app developers in Canada. One of them is making contact with prior clients. You should be able to establish how the developer treated their old clients by linking the preceding clients. Also consider how they function after receiving the project, such as how responsive they are, how frequently they communicate, and how they deal with issues, among other things. Previous customer information may be accessed via the company’s or developer’s clutch profile.

#4 Find a Long-term And Dependable Development Partner

Since this is a time-consuming procedure, you must ensure that you select a mobile app development company in Canada that will be there for you in the long term. The period might range from a few months to several years. The development process is broken down into stages, with the last one being the release. To enhance the product, it must be ready for use so that as much user feedback as possible may be gathered. After reviewing the feedback, the developer has many options, including adding new features, archiving the program, and removing superfluous functionality.

A long-term commitment to the development team is required to guarantee that all of these steps are completed on time with optimum quality.

#5 Check Their Communication

Communication is essential when hiring dedicated app developers in Canada. It facilitates the creation of beneficial commercial partnerships. As a result, the first thing you must do is determine whether or not there is a language barrier. Ascertain that the developer you hire is fluent in your native language. The time zone is another aspect that might be a stumbling barrier.

Communicate with the developers to agree on a time when both of you can have constructive discussions and reports. A professional developer uses a variety of communication techniques, including emails, Skype, and Slack, to remain in touch frequently.

#6 Do They Have a Unique Strategy?

You should look into the attitude of the app developers in Canada or the mobile app development company in Canada you are thinking about hiring. When looking for an effective mobile development service provider, look for someone that knows the business’s goals, can improve the design and can give a best-in-class user experience combined with unique ideas.

#7 Expertise in Attractive Designing

An application is essentially a marketing tool, and it is widely accepted in marketing that presence and appearance are required. Keep in mind that the mobile app developers in Canada should not be picked just based on their coding abilities. However, you must recognize that the aesthetics of your app are crucial. What your customers see in front of their eyes has a big influence on them, therefore making your mobile app seem good.

This is how you will make a first impression. Furthermore, you must recognize that the app you are creating is more than simply a window into your business or products. It is also a representation of you to potential clients.

#8 Discuss the After-Development Tasks and Maintenance

Before handing over the project to the developers, we must consider post-development services like app submission, app testing, bug patching, support and maintenance, and so on. Hiring a qualified app development team can assist you in creating a fantastic app.

#9 Measurements of Privacy are Critical

When it comes to selecting the finest app developers in Canada, confidentiality and security are critical. You must guarantee that your app’s privacy is protected, regardless of how well-known the development business is. By signing a non-disclosure agreement with the developers, you assure that no information about your application will be leaked.

After signing an NDA or a privacy agreement, you can start working with a mobile app development company in Canada. By establishing such a contract with the developers, you can ensure the protection of critical company information. To avoid future anomalies, you must also consider the intellectual property rights of the mobile application.

#10 Choose a Reputable And Certified Company

While hiring freelance app developers in Canada is a low-cost alternative, it is a risky method of developing an app. Using freelancers may have negative consequences. By carefully picking a reliable and authorized mobile app development company in Canada, you may choose the safest and most cost-effective alternative for developing an app.

Investing in a mobile app development company speeds up the app development process greatly since they work as a team of efficient designers, testers, and developers.

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Cost of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company in Canada

To hire the best app developers in Toronto, you need to follow the steps mentioned above. In addition to this, here is an estimation for how much it will cost for mobile app development based on functionalities to be included, Android or iOS, and the app complexity, to hire Pyramidion Solutions as your development partner.

App ComplexityFunctionality IncludedDevelopment Time Estimated Cost
EasyBasic UI components, basic features inclusions, app design, without backend or a clone of existing app.2 Weeks – 1 MonthINR 2,00,000 to 5,00,000
MediocreTailor-made user interface, third-party or API integrations, payment gateway integration, newer versions, and backend infrastructure.2-4 MonthsINR 5,00,000 to 10,00,000
Highly ComplexMultiple API integrations, multilingual support, sophisticated UI/UX design, bespoke animations, real-time functionality, and database integration.4+ MonthsUpwards of INR 10,00,000

Services Offered by Pyramidion

Our mobile app development company in Canada takes pride in helping a wide range of businesses with accomplishing their business goals through our fully functional, reliable, and scalable mobile app solutions. Our seamless integrations and services have uplifted the revenue stream of so many organizations. The in-house developers are highly experienced and knowledgeable to handle any sort of complex requirement. 

Here are some of the notable services we strive to offer to our clients.

  1. Android App Development

We make it a point to deliver attractive user interfaces and feature sets in our Android apps. Our seasoned app developers in Canada construct apps for you in a fast and high-quality manner, utilizing complicated frameworks and technological expertise.

  1. iOS App Development

Our iOS app developers have created iOS apps for a wide range of industries and products, including wearables, iOS apps, Apple TV, and many more.

  1. Flutter App Development

We have a solid track record of supporting businesses in establishing Flutter apps for business development and recommending the best approaches to flourish in the same. We have offered the finest potential strategies to do it, thanks to a well-versed stream of app developers in Canada.

  1. React Native App Development

By expanding our services to include React Native app development, we build and deliver responsive React Native apps with cross-platform compatibility. Our cutting-edge app solutions offer a native app experience as well as outstanding aesthetics.

  1. Web App Development

We have web designers that are skilled in PHP, eCommerce, open-source programming, and a range of other languages. From concept to implementation, our app developers in Canada provide full-cycle web software development services.

  1. Enterprise Application Development

Our Toronto mobile app developers employ cutting-edge technology to offer specialized business mobility solutions that increase performance, transparency, and security. The application is designed in such a way that it can handle any unforeseen difficulty while maintaining a simple workflow and the flexibility to tackle sophisticated situations.

  1. AR/VR Solutions

Our augmented reality and virtual reality software solutions are completely customized to your business’s requirements and user expectations. The platform’s security safeguards will keep unwanted data breaches at bay while also making it tamper-proof.

  1. Mobile UI/UX 

By keeping the user interface simple and easy to understand and use, the app produced by our in-house app developers in Canada achieves total engagement and helps you expand your business.

Closing Thoughts

With the number of smartphone users expected to exceed 7.5 billion in the next five years, virtually any type of software is likely to find a market. Several sectors throughout the world are being transformed by mobile app development. People all across the world may now quickly access technology and use the applications they want thanks to the rising use of smartphones. Aside from personal usage, mobile applications are upending traditional organizational structures and creating a new market dynamic. As consumers and businesses see the benefits of mobile app development, its importance will grow in the future.

Mobile applications will be more than simply a way to pass the time or a marketing tool for businesses in the future. To thrive, businesses will require partnering with the best mobile app development company in Canada. Connect with Pyramidion and our industry-best app developers in Canada to know more about our offerings and business consultation services!


  1. How to connect with the development team?

Once you partner with us, we offer log-ins for Slack and JIRA through which you can communicate with our app developers in Canada.

  1. What are the hiring criteria or models available?

We understand that various businesses have different needs. So we provide flexible hiring models, 

  • Hire dedicated app developers in Canada
  • Fixed pricing model
  • Time and material
  1. What does the estimated mobile app development cost?

You can refer to the cost estimation table mentioned above for more details.

  1. Do you provide post-launch maintenance?

Yes, we do. Our support team helps you in identifying possible bugs or other flaws and rectifies them for you in no time even after the app launch.

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