How Mobile Applications Can Enhance the Manufacturing Industry

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The Manufacturing industry is no doubt a very strenuous job indeed as it is piled up with several daunting challenges. This requires the adoption of the ever-evolving technologies and platforms if you want to maintain supremacy in the business domain. Speaking of which Mobile Apps are no exception to that rule when it comes to enhancing your Manufacturing industry business in the current digital era.

That explains why Mobile App Development Companies are in red-hot demand for Manufacturing Industry associated clients.

Speaking of that reliable sources reveal that more than 30 % of the discrete manufacturing industries and over 50% of the process manufacturing industries are embracing mobility to enhance their functioning.

Other statistics indicate that 88% of all manufacturers are embracing mobile apps to boost their overall productivity. Also, 70% of these industries are relying on it to minimize every occurrence of downtime.

Speaking of some other ways how the power of smartphones and mobile apps can help that domain, it paves way for even more sales in the future and it helps in enthralling the clients with the brand even after the product is sold.

Let’s get into detail about some key facts where mobile apps can enhance your manufacturing industry

a. Notifying the Engineering team on a timely basis:

Getting updated with info on a timely basis is one of the key aspects to look in a manufacturing industry that is exceptional. Mobile sensors can help the manufacturers to get info regarding the production machinery. Similarly, the quality and production control team can get notified about the maintenance related info.

b. Assisting the Field Service Technicians:

Mobile Apps that are incorporated with the power of Cloud can be very much beneficial to the field technicians by getting the precise info clearly communicating everything regarding the requirements and the other stuff. Mobile apps likewise prove beneficial for the manufacturers in helping the technicians to address any queries associated with the customer base.

What’s more, the adoption rate sees a boost when the power of CRM is leveraged to provide ease of access to data and it can also be used to keep the data in the mobile worker’s hands.

c. Effectively managing all assets:

It is clearly evident that speaking about the manufacturing industry all the plants and assets are widespread all across the entire world.

But the need of the hour is to keep all the maintenance data centralized. This work traditionally involved a lot of paperwork leading to prolonged delays in getting the work done.

When mobile apps are implemented into this domain, the maintenance related work is speeded up seeing that the specific team can access the important data instantly by incorporating the power of email or messaging or phone.

d.Enhancing Shop Floor Management:

Related to a Manufacturing environment, every specific info that you need can be monitored and recorded by implementing Wireless Radio Frequency Data Capture Devices. Also when taking Machine to Machine and Human-Machine Interfaces into the picture, the floor supervisors can make use of their devices and take care of everything related to the shop-floor activities whenever they want to.

Even more types of technology can be used to monitor the progress of assets all the way from the production to the store and the logistics as well.


The tremendous benefits which mobile apps offer in terms of clear communication, detailed analysis, and access to info etc are enough to indicate that any enterprise that doesn’t embrace these apps are surely fading away from existence. Ultimately a mobile app can augment a given manufacturing industry creating quality products in lesser timeframes.

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Pyramidion Solutions is a top mobile application development company based in Chennai which offers its expertise to enhance the business productivity of clients coming from the Manufacturing Industry domain. It very well knows all the challenges which are associated with the Manufacturing domain and offers solutions in the form of a flawless mobile app which can usher in a new era in terms of success for your business

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