How Is Mobile Application Development Actually Done?

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Mobile Applications are no doubt one among the current vogues in the world. Indeed, a survey has stated that in 2020 the all-encompassing revenue generated by mobile apps is said to be estimated at $189 billion. A majority of the online traffic is through smartphones and now many enterprises are desperate to capitalize on this fact.

The App Stores are getting overwhelmed with apps and several brand-new trends are now getting associated with mobile app development.

So are digital trends like AR/VR and Machine Learning really altering the whole mobile application development process?
To get an answer we will detail all the steps related to the app development and simultaneously bring all the aforementioned digital trends into the picture as well.


a.Formulating the idea:

Your app idea despite being ambitious enough will help your app to succeed only if it addresses a given pain point. This implies that the vision ought to be feasible to make people download the app. Do deep research regarding your competitors, the current market and then lay out all the goals you want to accomplish in a given time frame.

This includes budget & scope planning, incorporation of digital trends, deciding the app launch date and many more.



Here we deal with the work involved in forming ideas regarding the app’s functionality and its user interface.

In Design make sure that everything regarding the app’s screens doesn’t result in poor user experience. Go for an original UI and add think from the user’s perspective if they were to seamlessly navigate through your app.

Then proceed into the technical aspects. Think of several things like APIs, user engagement platforms, push notifications and database types in detail here. Finally, you can decide whether the work can be done from the ground up or whether you ought to use an existing app’s architecture.

Ultimately you can now build the app prototype. It will tell if the app can exceed all expectations in terms of functionalities. Pay due importance in building it because it is the foundation for the app developers to do their work.



This phase is subdivided into several categories starting with the Alpha Base where the core functionality is created along with many bugs. The following Beta Phase is where all the main features and functioning for the app are incorporated along with some considerable testing. The Release Phase is where the mobile app can finally see the light of the day after it is subjected to intense testing.

It is typical to include some of the best features in a mobile app. However, the developers have to make sure that this feature-rich app should not prove detrimental by causing the user’s device because of excessive memory consumption.



Testing is mandatory and should start way ahead in the initial phases of the entire mobile app development process itself so that you can avoid some major expenses later on. The rule of thumb here is to test Each and Every feature in Every Phase.

You can carry out several types of testing like Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Regression Testing, Device-Specific Testing and last but not the least User Acceptance Testing.



This is it!!! All your precious time and efforts that were spent in developing your application will pay off if you handle your app launch that cleverly.


To deal with that, have a look at the below-mentioned steps:

(i) App Store Optimization will help your app to stand out in the App Stores that are already overwhelmed with millions of other apps. Pay due importance to your app’s keywords, name and description. Here SEO can also help by garnering greater visibility for your app’s official website.

(ii) Coming to the app’s own dedicated website or it’s Landing Page it has to be linked with the description of the app that is featured in the App Stores. Here ensure to add Screenshots or FAQs or literally anything relevant to the app’s content.

(iii) Get highly involved in Social Media by carrying out Paid Promotion and other sorts of Digital Marketing Campaigns. You can also embrace the power of Influencer Marketing to reap even greater benefits in the digital marketing domain.

(iv) Boost your chances of getting higher downloads well in advance by offering some people to be beta users for your app before it is launched.



The work involved in App Development is indeed a never-ending process. After the launch of the app, there are several important works that include providing post-launch updates and bug patches, review consolidation and analysis.


Ending Lines:

It may appear to be very taxing, but if you wisely deal with every work beginning from identifying the user needs to giving post-launch support, then all your mobile app development is guaranteed to give you success.


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