How IoT is Revolutionizing Mobile Application Development

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Internet of Things is a trend that is gaining immense popularity at an accelerated pace. It is because of its limitless benefits and the simplicity with which it can be used.

Speaking of what IoT actually means, it signifies an integrated network of devices that can communicate effectively with one another. It can be applied anywhere be it at a home, office or a retail store. What’s more, this also includes the sophisticated smart gadgets which can amazingly be controlled remotely as well.

Now coming to its range of applications, IoT can be used for the benefit of various types of industries and it streamlines our daily day to day lives as well via the means of smart cars, wearable devices and such. Speaking of the industries that benefit from IoT they include healthcare, retail, and manufacturing to name a few.

How about controlling such a network of smart devices remotely by means of a smartphone application? That is exactly what this article will tell in detail.

IoT Application development can help in developing highly revolutionary and interactive applications that help in accomplishing a given work. All these powerful apps constitute components like connected devices, sensors and cloud as well.

Now to carry out IoT app development effectively, there are a few aspects that we have to contemplate


(i) Being in accordance with the Licensing terms and conditions:

It is typical that every Original Equipment Manufacturer definitely needs app developers to comply with all the related terms and conditions. This applies to enterprises as well who want an IoT app developed for them.


(ii) Mode through which all the devices are connected:

Before connecting all the devices to the given network pay attention to what are the connectivity modes be it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any Mobile networks. Not only the connectivity needs attention here, but it also includes the devices being connected. Formulate plans related to giving permission as well with regards to this.


(iii) The limitations associated with Hardware:

Pay due attention regarding the hardware capabilities as associated with your enterprise when you contemplate IoT app development. In the case of the big brands, there won’t be much of a problem when it comes to pushing the limits of the hardware. But with this said, the associated work won’t be smooth for sure. Speaking of the middle and small-scale counterparts, the entire work regarding upgrade is definitely a hugely daunting task for sure.


(iv) Protocols used in Programming:

Apart from the Licensing terms aforementioned, there is also the need for app developers to follow some operational protocols when it comes to IoT app development. Typically for iOS apps, there is the famous External Accessory Framework which paves the way for seamless communication when it comes to External Hardware which is interfaced with iOS devices by means of Apple Lightning or Bluetooth or 30 pin connector.



It is quite evident that the power of IoT can be used effectively for an assortment of industrial verticals. It is definitely breathing new life into the developer base via means of IoT app development.


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