How IoT Can Usher In The Future of Smart Transportation

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The phenomenon that is the Internet of Things has definitely played a major role in enhancing several enterprise sectors like the commercial, consumer and the industrial related ones. It is stated that soon enough, the role of IoT in streamlining our day to day lives will intensify for sure.

Now, what exactly is this Internet of Things? In short, it is a huge network that features billions of smart devices that communicate with us and the other devices in that network as well.

Internet connectivity is nowadays very widespread and we also know that presently the cost associated with technology is also very affordable as well. This paved the way for even more people to adopt this technology.

Speaking of a particular industry that has been immensely benefited by it is the Transportation based Industry. It is effectively applied in everything ranging from the emergency response systems to the public transport routes. As time passes, this domain will still be benefitted by leaps and bounds thanks to IoT.

Wielding the power of sensors, smartphone apps and the such, IoT can simplify things well enough for sure. Take the case of how Navigational apps can help you reach your office in the shortest time or how beneficial Smart Cars are, the benefits of IoT are limitless.

Many cities are also embracing IoT to ensure that driving is indeed a very safe and enjoyable experience.

Let’s take the case of how enterprises are leveraging its power for reaping huge benefits-


(a) Mobility as a Service has paved the way for a future where there are very less personal vehicles when it comes to commuting. The big guns like Uber and Lyft are prime examples of this concept where they introduced a ride-sharing app. When integrated with IoT, everything related to carrying out services via the app is streamlined for sure and MaaS can see a bright future in terms of expansion to other transportation modes.


(b) Driver and Citizen’s safety is augmented for sure nowadays and will still augment further with the passage of time. Navigational Apps can prove beneficial to you by telling if there is a major traffic jam ahead in your route and will suggest the alternatives to reach your destination in the shortest time possible. Taking the case of SmartCars they will alert all the authorities whenever any break-in happens.


(c) Taking the case of the Smart Roads concept which will come to fruition soon enough, experts are busy in integrating sensors into bridges and roadways. Speaking of their benefits here they include the following


(i)They can measure the traffic intensity in a given lane and will make the traffic lights function accordingly.
(ii)They can find info regarding the most frequented roads so that these roads get the needed repairs and maintenance.
(iii) By monitoring everything related to traffic, accidents are cut down considerably.
(iv) IoT can be used to implement beneficial concepts like Parking Payment, Frictionless Tolls and you can easily find an unoccupied parking spot wherever your destination might be.


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