How Digital Transformation Can Revolutionize the Entire Healthcare Sector

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The Health Care sector is a specific domain which gets enhanced as technology evolves. One evident fact is it’s powerful enhancement all accomplished by leveraging the power of IoT (Internet of Technology). The domain no doubt is going to offer futuristic medical treatments by embracing Digital Technology.

Digital Technology is paving the way to digitize and enhance all the services for the customer base from an enterprise’s perspective.

Statistics taken by Gartner reveal that almost 56% of all enterprises are firm about the fact that Digital Transformation surely reaps huge profits for them.

Now lets get into detail as to how this technological marvel can enhance the Healthcare domain by leaps and bounds.


1. The Power of Distance Treatment:

Speaking of the most prominent one, it is definitely Distance Treatment where the patients no longer have to be plagued by typical headaches like appointment scheduling or personally visiting the clinic or waiting for their turn to meet the doctor and the such.

With a good internet connection and a smartphone, the patients can get the best treatment all from their comfort zone. The time and costs are cut down by a large margin for sure. By video conferencing, for example, the doctors can offer consultation and prescribe the medications as well. The patients can also share all their problems to get the best services in terms of treatment.


2. Organizing the patient data neatly:

With the advent of Digital transformation and Internet of Technology in general, the hospital staff can easily store all the patient-related data in a neatly organized way for later access.


3. Effective in Emergency Situations:

Unfortunately, no doctor can be present 24/7 in a hospital and this can pose a hazard for life-threatening cases that need immediate attention. It is up to the medical staff present at that time to be the lifesaver and this can be done effectively if the digital transformation is brought into the picture. Manipulating Video communication or Virtual Reality Technology the doctor is interfaced with the staff and the necessary actions can be done to save the life of the patient.


4. The Cloud and Mobile Access:

This aspect of Digital Transformation can allow the patients to view their medical report virtually from anywhere across the world at the time of their choosing.

A research conducted earlier revealed that for this year nearly 65% of healthcare oriented service communications will be done via smartphone.

Speaking of the Cloud, the healthcare domain must incorporate all the robust guidelines for powerful security.


5. Integrating IoT and Wearable Devices:

Speaking of IoT, another way it helps the medical professionals is by precisely monitoring all current medicinal conditions of a given patient. The wearable devices have paved the way to cut down reliance on cumbersome medicinal devices to carry out work. This is taking into consideration that they can be used for ECG, blood tests, thermometers and the such. The patient can carry out everything from the vicinity of their homes and the results are shared with the doctors to get precise feedback regarding them.


6. Artificial Intelligence:

By wielding the power of Artificial Intelligence along with wearable devices, Internet of Medical Things and Big Data you can get the most accurate medicinal reports and provide options related to the best methods to cure the patients as soon as possible.


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Speaking of the Health Care sector, Pyramidion Solutions is a major game changer for this domain. This full-fledged IT service company which started out as a Mobile App Development Company now knows how to leverage Big Data, IoT, Cloud, and Digital Transformation for providing the best services from a hospital to a patient.

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