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How Did Starbucks Walmart Leverage Mobile App Development For Increased Sales?

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Can developing a mobile app help businesses generate revenue? The answer is yes! Many famous brands like Starbucks and Walmart have increased their sales through various methods; one of the notable methods is building mobile apps. If you’re a startup or big giant, consider getting services from a proficient mobile app development company in Toronto to invent your mobile apps. 


It is not only applicable to famous brands, yet it also applies to other enterprises. Based on the data, Starbucks gained a revenue of $130 billion with the help of its mobile app for food delivery in 2022. This blog will cover how the top brands have boosted their sales with mobile app assistance. Let’s dive deep into it!

#1 What Are the Impacts of Mobile App Development on Sales For Starbucks & Walmart?

Before getting into the stories of the respective brands, it is essential to understand technology. Every day there is an evolution takes place in technology. In that list, mobile apps had a prime position in recent years. It is always essential to recognize the power of mobile apps and their potential for business growth. Mobile app developers in Toronto or the long haul who are proficient in building apps will help enterprises to boost their revenue. The enterprises have gained enormous use and increased their business sales with the help of developing mobile apps. Starbucks, Walmart, and other big brands have achieved growing sales.

#2 The Triumph Story of Starbucks

On the year Starbucks launched its mobile app in 2011. Starbucks has gained massive profitability with the help of the mobile app. It is because of its user-friendly experience and intuitive UI design. Starbucks has bought a new initiative in the app by bringing their previous orders as a message. Many business mobile apps get results delayed, yet Starbucks got a huge hit with millions of downloads. It includes many features to make users interact more with their mobile app.

Adaptive Experience

Starbucks creates the app with an expert team to more user relations by providing a friendly user experience. The app integrates with paying for the products by users, chasing rewards, and more. It specifies their favorite food items, drinks, and stir promotions.

Easy Paying Using the App

Starbucks gained a vast user crew with the help of their easy and fast-paying feature via the app. It has inserted a barista feature, allowing customers to make orders using voice commands. Data shows Starbucks gained over $ 3 million in revenue with its revamp of the app in 2017.

Loyalty Reward Campaigns

It is one of the most renowned initiatives of Starbucks, which interacts with its mobile apps. The main use of the drive will help the business to retain its target audience and increase new users. Besides, loyalty campaigns provide rewards, coupons, free refills, and more. This experience has helped to create giant sales for their enterprise.

#3 The Triumph Story of Walmart

Walmart launched its app that allows users to purchase online. In 2020 with covid arises, it is advisable to shut down every store globally. Walmart redesigned its app by making buying and fast-delivering options. It gives them huge sales with an improvement of 79%. According to statistics, in 2021, walmart got over 39 million downloads.

Featured Purchase

Walmart provides personalized experiences by collecting customer data and providing targeted purchases as their feature. It integrates an AI mechanism, scans, and pays using the code, reducing shoppers’ stay in the line.

In-Store Purchases

It is a notable feature that helps customers purchase their grocery items using mobile in the Walmart app. After paying for the items, customers go directly to the store and take their orders.

In What Ways Do Mobile Apps Benefit the Business?

Technology has gained a huge response from businesses and users, but mobile apps got into the limelight. 

Customer Involvement

Businesses building mobile apps will increase the involvement of customers by providing rewards, coupons, and personalized experiences. It helps to increase their sales and the trust of the shoppers. Customers are their first revenue to earn despite building their profitability.

Artificial Intelligence

Integrating AI mechanisms will be the new way of making the mobile app more advanced for the users. Starbucks generated revenue of over $ 19 million in 2020 after ingraining AI. If your business wants to insert AI into mobile apps like Starbucks, consider getting service from the expert team of Toronto app developers.

Boost Sales

The mobile app helps boost enterprises’ sales by providing friendly user experiences. It also covers advanced features, mobile payments, and more.

Customer Experience

Shoppers need to feel that it is easy to use the app to purchase. Businesses must keep engaging with customers via push notifications, survey methods, and vice versa.

Augmented Reality

AR technologies in mobile apps will help to connect the digital world with the physical world of brands and users. Famous brands like Walmart initiated the feature into the mobile app, which allows shoppers to view the items.

Bottom Line

The above blog mentioned how Starbucks and Walmart had skyrocketed their sales. It applies to top brands. Even startups with good development teams can boost their revenue with mobile apps and other emerging technologies!

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