How can app development with React Native be cost-effective?

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Mobile app developers have always preferred developing native iOS and Android apps. But React Native which is a framework built by Facebook has recently garnered the attention of CTOs worldwide. This is because of its ability to develop cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS besides giving assurance to developing scalable and complex mobile apps. Pyramidion Solutions is well-equipped in developing such apps.


“Learn once, write everywhere”

On the inception of React Native Facebook appropriately stated that “learn once, write anywhere”. This implies that the framework lets mobile app development experts including Pyramidion Solutions to include native codes including Java, Swift etc to the framework thereby maintaining the required custom look. In reality, most of the built codebase can be applied in cross platform.


Besides, React Native lets developing native apps applying JavaScript and also lets developing rich mobile interface by applying JavaScript and XMlL-esquemarkup for developing mobile app interface.


What is cross platform development?

Cross platform development is the formation of mobile apps or software projects for several platforms. This is developing apps for various platforms in one round of coding.

Operational costs mitigated

Cross-platform development with React Native wipes out the need for separate programming in every platform. Since there is only one codebase, there is the avoidance of app versioning. This mitigates operational and updating costs of the mobile application that is spread across several platforms.


Native apps have various optimization and compatibility requirements for various platforms. With the cross-platform concept, the app developed once is made compatible across different platforms and devices.


Native apps have different optimization and compatibility requirements for different platforms. With the cross-platform concept, the app developed once is made compatible across multiple platforms and devices. This is undoubtedly cost-effective.


Maintenance Costs Mitigated

When cross-platform apps are developed with React Native, maintenance cost is decreased to a fair degree. This is because there is only a single application that is to be maintained for both the platforms.



There are various advantages that come from deploying React Native, but these are a couple of them. Pyramidion Solutions suggests going for React Native because it will save your valuable time and money besides developing a quick performing and elegantly appearing mobile application development for your business.


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