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You as an entrepreneur would have had the dream to develop an innovative mobile app and would have done everything with proper care to develop the ultimate app which would compete with the likes of the leaders when it comes to your relevant domain. You would have worked 24/7 and hired a good mobile app development company to achieve this dream of yours.

Next comes the work related to publishing your application to the Apple Store with confidence.
but unfortunately, your application is outright rejected.

You might be devastated. After research, you would have found out that you did not abide by the Standards and Guidelines of Apple.

This article will be helpful as it throws light on the typical mistakes to steer clear from to avoid rejection of your app.


1. Maintaining the app to be bug-free

According to App Store Review policy is the fact that there is should not be any instances of Bugs or App crashes as it will definitely spell the doom for your app when it comes to being approved to join the App Store.

2. Ascertaining the absence of broken links

The application has to be effectively functioning when it is being submitted. To get it approved, there should not be the presence of any broken links.

3. Properly placing all the content in the application

Another thing to keep in mind before you submit the app for approval is the fact that you have to ensure that all the content and the images within the applications within the app are placed perfectly.

4. All-encompassing information

When it comes to the App Store Connect, it features App Review Information section where every information detailing your mobile application has to be clearly featured if you want to ensure that Apple approves your application. That includes features related to signing in and hardware oriented ones as well. Be sure to maintain the latest contact details as well.

5. Clearness and preciseness in the details proved

Everything related to the app in terms of features and operational functionality must be detailed clearly

6. The app should never mislead the user base

Rejection of your app is evident if there is anything detailed about the application that is in reality not associated with the application in any way. It should not entice the user base to purchase the app where they assume it has something to offer for them when the actual truth is the exact opposite.

7. Neat User Interface

Try to give more importance towards the design work related to UI and make it as much rich so that in the end the application gets approved.

8. Proper displaying when it comes to Advertisement

Ensure that your application manipulates the Advertising Identifier otherwise it won’t be approved by Apple. Further, the ads have to be relevantly displayed and don’t compromise the user experience when trying to do this.

9. Avoid the concept of repetition in your Application

When submitting your application, Apple mandates that your app must be very much unique and that it should not contain pre-existing features that are present in all the other apps submitted to the App Store.

10. Develop the app as the solution to a user’s problem

When it comes to being selected in the App Store, Apple defines that the application of yours must be productive in terms of quality when addressing what exactly the user wants to solve.



It is recommended to stay abreast with what exactly are the App store review guidelines and you will surely get to know by now that Apple gives top priority to Quality.

Thereby, you will now have sound knowledge with regards to all that Apple expects in terms of quality. Before plunging deep into the mobile app development work, it will be better to have a look at this article detailing all the Guidelines of Apple.


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