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Presently there is a scenario prevailing in the market where the user base has intense reservations and second thoughts when it comes to selecting apps to use from the online app stores. It is a strong and an indisputable fact that majority of the user base take into account the reviews and ratings related to the credibility of the app where nearly half of them consider the reviews with a stern mindset.

Typically the app developers request the user base to rate the app which needs an effective insight. In order to achieve top ranking and ratings for the app, the guidelines in this article have to be incorporated which also serves to enhance the enterprise even further.


Going for a self Rating Prompt or manipulating an external one

Rating prompts are both considered to be both as a boon and bane. Yet, this technique is termed as one of the best methodologies to get good ratings. Its potential has to be meticulously used so as to gain maximum benefits, manipulating it wrongly, on the contrary, will result in a negative opinion related to the app ranking and reviews.

Deeper perception of the audience’s desires and needs have to be comprehended. This has to be done prior to them posting the review. Regards to this the user base can be separated into two groups where the first one deals with people who like the app and the other one is for those who detest it. In case of the former all it requires is enlightenment and in the case of the latter, they have to be persuaded with the help of effective surveys.


Insight about the user base through Analytics

Essential information assimilated regarding the user base by the enterprise is effective. Related to this the Analytics technique will provide outcomes which are very much precise. Manipulating this information after assimilation will prove effective.

This process can be initiated with the help of an expert or by the enterprise itself. Some important queries related to data assimilation have to be addressed. A platform has to be developed for serving the needs of the user base and acts as a database related to their history any other useful information.


Manipulating the Right Mobile Moments

These are very important time frames which are encountered by the user base. To obtain the right mobile moment, needed in prior are details regarding the right time, correct location, and the appropriate person. With this, the user experience is augmented and the interaction with the customer base is enhanced.


Formulating queries

In the event, the enterprise wants its prospective user base to rate the given app, it can be made feasible by generating related queries where the former can ask the latter regarding their opinion about the app and in the event when the latter availed the support team whether it was satiated by the service associated. The underlying idea is that the user base is separated into 2 categories with one comprising of those who embrace the app and the other encompassing the people who only want to give a review or feedback.

It has to be ensured that the customers associated have to be thanked not considering the feedback which they furnished. This will create a positive aura with respect to the customer base and create a perception that the brand is taking into account their opinions and holding them in high regards, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative.


Get Ratings from Customers with Feedback

It is aforementioned that the enterprise can segment the user base into an approving and disapproving group prior to requesting them to rate. It is lucid that the former will respond in favor of the brand and the latter will have objections and criticism regarding it. Taking the case of the latter, a good measure is to manipulate rating prompt where the negative aspect can be transfigured into an approving positive one.

The brand can ask the disgruntled sector to interact via an in-app message and an insight should be obtained from them regarding the reason of them being resentful and the other related issues which they are facing. Then the support people can be requested to address and patch up the related problems so as to make the chances of getting good ratings happen subsequently.

Additionally, it is not mandatory that the associated user base should review the app and they can exit from it with relative ease.


Simple and understandable language

Related to the user base of an enterprise reviewing an app, the enterprise must ensure that there are no objectional content or the language being incomprehensible to them. It should be easy to understand. The questions have to be asked in a friendly manner and only related queries have to be posted. The main logic behind this is to enthrall and captivate the user base and there should be no instance of deviating from the topic or posting content which is not attractive and makes them have a feeling of indifference. Everything should be brief and the lucidity with respect to the language must also be precise.


Respecting the customer’s communication preferences

When it comes to rating an app, the preferences related to the customer’s interaction is surely varied. Featured could be a bunch of clients who are not interested and the brand should accept and welcome the news. In addition, the users should not be pressurized to rate whenever an update is associated with the app. This could serve to be a source of annoyance and the brand value will be depleted simultaneously.


Overseeing the Feedback carefully

Featured is the fact that there is no perfect app but there is always a room to update. To do so, an intense probing related to the review rates of the user base. They can be embraced and accepted by the enterprise and much to the pleasure of the customers, they rejoice when their suggestions are now a part of the app.

An analysis reveals that almost all the participants would like to generate a feedback when requested. However half of them called it quits when their proposals had not been integrated.



It is never this lucid and clear that the feedbacks and ratings take up a major responsibility related to the triumph or debacle of mobile apps. To make the apps at the centre of the limelight, they cannot be disregarded. The enterprises must embrace the feedbacks irrespective of whether they are approving or showing signs of criticism and in case of the latter, the brand should not have a prejudice and steps must be taken to satiate them.


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