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Developing a captivating app does not depend only on the innovative proposal. It needs the following strategies which contribute to good app engagement.


Developing a powerful App Store Listing:

The focus should be spent on why the people want to provide an opportunity for the app to showcase itself. It should be related to benefits rather than cramming it with features.


Providing enlightenment regarding onboarding:

In the event an app store listing is termed as a handshake then the onboarding is the start of the interaction which the enterprise has with the prospective users.

Onboarding means the users are enthralled to use the app. It should not be associated as a tutorial. Enlightenment must be given to disclosing the benefits associated.


Allowing the user base to initially explore and browse through the app:

The user base must be allowed to navigate through the app initially and authentication comes only when it mandatory. The app worth is showcased prior to the user being committed to it. Basically, in a read-only mode, there is no need for verification. When the user is to carry out an action, they will be asked for account creation.


Manipulating the recommended methods related to App Permission Requests:

Permission requests have to be done effectively or it could lead to the user base abandoning the app. For the case of user bases who have by mistake or with intent denied the permission requests, plans have to be formulated to deal with them. Botching it will be disastrous.


Incorporating speed in the app:

The present generation has a lot of demands. Everything is accomplished with a tap of a button in an app on the mobile device. Speed ensures that the work process is going on effectively.It gives enlightenment that the underlying features are speedy and authentic.


Giving focus to Push Notifications:

Push notifications have to be enabled to attract users rather than Spamming them. The push notifications can be personalized and used on devices, platforms and many others including the users.


Embracing and adopting Deep Linking:

Adopting deep linking serves to make the Notifications even more robust. It can be implemented to enthrall users to an app and proves handy when helping someone to navigate to a given location in the app.


Assimilating User Reviews:

Accumulating feedback is effective to boost app engagement. However, there are several barriers which prevent the users from doing the same. Hence, they then post the feedback in an app store review on the contrary

A detailed FAQ section has to be posted along with a portal for the users to reach out the enterprise. A notification indicating that the app owner has read the review is effective. They must be associated with proper responses.


Frequent updates for the app:

Overlooking the aspect to update the app can lead to instant abandonment. The updates in the app store signify that the app owners are listening to the needs of the users.


Generating an enthralling Experience:

Apps are an integral part of daily lives. They serve to strengthen the bonding associated with other users. The development of the apps has to be done by the well seasoned and expertizes personnel related to this domain. Meticulous care must be given to implementing the experiences with the help of an in-house team or by outsourcing.



Ultimately, all the aforementioned plans and guidelines related to promoting greater app engagement have to be contemplated from what is that required to develop a successful app. In the event there is lack of proficiency and the relevant information, then it is a daunting venture to keep the user base enthralled by the app.


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