Great designs alone don’t translate to great app development companies!

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Now, before you get into an argument with us, please hear us out. We are not discounting the importance of UI design. In fact, we have a team that works on just UI design as a standalone service.

We understand that when you are on the lookout for app development companies, at the initial stages there are 10,001 companies that are out there for you to choose from (Phew, we know!). Naturally, you feel that going to their website’s portfolio or works page and choosing companies that have worked on apps that look beautiful or have fancy clients in their portfolio make the cut for you to get in touch.

Not the wisest decision you can make. A great looking app is not a successful app. There are so many more aspects! Can the app handle the traffic? Are the customers able to navigate the app well? How are the admin modules structured? Is the app’s core value getting delivered? Is the technology chosen future-proof? These are better questions.

Even we would love to say that all of our apps look beautiful. But they really don’t! Some of our best development works have just an average User Interface design. Why?

–        The client may have a mainline design agency that gives us the design wireframe

–        The client may be building a MVP where they don’t want to focus on the UI design much in the first phase

–        The audience of the client might require a functional design more than the finer aesthetics of it

We also have done work for clients where the app is very basic with common functionalities and nothing innovative as such, because it was just not needed for them. But we designed a fantastic UI, because well we take pride in doing great work.

We have had clients who come to us after word-of-mouth references after burning their fingers with agencies who just flaunted one great design after another without talking about what the app actually was built for and how good it was at its core.

 Okay, so if not design, what should one actually be looking at?

  1.     Read the case study of various apps done by the team. Understand the purpose of the app and the functionalities built into the application.
  2.     Ask the development agency for their previous work in your domain or their experience in developing apps with similar functionalities you are looking for.
  3.     This is perhaps the most important, is their technical team/person able to ask you questions and guide you on what is the best way to approach your requirement? A wrong technology or a weak backend can kill your app even before you start on it.
  4.     Will the team be with you in the journey of your product development and guide you on an ongoing basis to ensure that the app works for your customers and you can sign them up for ongoing improvement. You can work with the top companies in the world, but the moment you have to switch agencies for an existing application, it is going to be a pain!

Hope we gave you some new perspectives. Looking to discuss more on your app requirement? Get in touch with us. We are always happy to discuss ideas over a cup of coffee, in person or virtually!

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