Google’s New Set Of Guidelines Related To Android App Development

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Google has as of late made some key declarations with respect to the rules identified with application advancement. And all these arrangements of directions should be actualized for this year and the following; i.e. 2018 and 2019. In this way, please continue perusing the news further to stay in sync with the improvement procedure.


What’s more, indeed, all these real changes are occurring in view of just a single mean to expand the strength of the application security and enhance the execution of the mobile applications. The vital snippet of data has been shared base from not other different sources however it is from the official blog entry.


Application security has dependably been one of the foremost imperatives that the end clients request and there can’t be any bargain on that front. Mr. Cunningham in his post has expressed that Google means to generate a good experience where it is associated with bug-free applications thus the brand is essentially concentrating on three noteworthy territories.


The android application designers ought to completely be familiar with every one of the focuses and manipulate the related when they develop applications sooner rather than later. Moreover, he has additionally underlined the point why these progressions were required and by what method can the applications stay more fortified.


Initially, the significance of the Android API level will additionally increment. As expressed the developers and designers should focus on the most recent Android API level when they are propelling another application or updating the current one. It would happen one year from now in August for new applications and November for the upgrades. This will improve the security and application execution.


Another change that will be of effect from August 2019 is that the application developers need to ensure that their applications are based on the 64-bit version as in addition to the 32-bit version.


The third vital declaration is that Google will include some greater security metadata as associated with the highest point of APK. This is being done to additionally fortify the validness of the application amid the authorization procedure. This will be executed in the first half of this year.


The Announcements on API Level

The API levels have an indispensable part in expanding the security and protection assurances. Along these lines, Google has intended to carry a progression into it with the goal of helping designers to make much more fortified applications. What’s more, this would happen at the end of 2018.


Strangely, as the security is getting to be more stringent in the following years, the clients will just get data on information and area from applications that stretch out their help to new API levels by means of targetSdkVersion. Actually, this will likewise feature an enhancement in the battery life; which had been a typical grumbling with respect to the clients.


Those applications that don’t focus on the API levels won’t be permitted to be rolled out or updated and should stay confined. This year Google had conceptualized the Android Oreo, which depends on the current version and Project Treble with the emphasis that designers get acquainted with the most recent rollouts. The Company has just begun taking a shot with respect to Android 8.1 Oreo.

Green Single for Building 64-bit Version

Google has given a green flag to the Android application designers that they get ready and up to offer the 64-bit version for supporting the applications. And this will become effective from August of the next year. In addition, the objective here is clear; to provide uncompromised security and application execution. Google expects all its applications to run flawlessly on the 64-bit equivalent notwithstanding the 32-bit version adaptability.



Android applications are expanding in numbers thus it ends up noticeably basic for the Google to give the highest security to its user base with unparalleled execution. The report on security turns out to be furthermore essential as its arch-rival Apple has officially won the war related to the security factor.

In this way, it is the ideal opportunity for the Android application developers to assemble data on the declarations and be ascertained with respect to upgrades. This year and the subsequent ones are generally going to be extremely significant from the application development perspective.

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