Google prefers Kotlin now for Android App Development

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Google has been utilizing Kotlin programming language for the purpose of Android mobile app development for a couple of years. The point of interest is that Java used to dominate this area for years together. But now Kotlin has taken this coveted position.

Yes, in the present Google’s I/O keynote announcement, Google mentioned that Kotlin is now the chief language for writing Android apps.


Overview of Koltin

Kotlin is a pen source that is statistically type programming language. It is labeled as the new pragmatic language. It concentrates on interoperability with Java code. Moreover, focus is also given to safety, preciseness and tooling support. Versions of Kotlin for the purpose of JavaScript and native code are work in progress.

Kotlin was conceptualized by JetBrains in 2010 and has been open source from 2012. Kotlin has official support from Google for mobile development on Android. Right from the release of Android Studio 3.0 Kotlin is applied as an alternative to the standard Java compiler.

It was only two years back that at I/O 2017 Google declared support for Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE. This was really a surprise since Java has long been sustaining in the position of the preferred language for Android app development. In fact, in the last couple of years, Kotlin’s popularity has only seen a raise. As statistics shows, more than 50% of professional Android developers now apply the language to develop their apps. Google states that Kotlin is ranked as the fourth-most loved programming language.

But Java developers need not be frustrated as Google still offers the support for Java and C++ for the purpose of Android app development.

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