How to Go for the Right Technology Stack for Web Application Development?

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What is the most crucial thing to be regarded when you are developing an excellent web application? Undeniably, it is the technology stack your app will be dependent upon.

Selecting a relevant tech stack is specifically challenging for small businesses and startups. This can be attributed to their limited budgets. Hence, they require a technology stack that offers the most return for their investment.

The appropriate tech stack is mostly the key to your project’s success. Technically, a tech stack is a blend of elements including tools, frameworks, technologies, and programming languages for software development.


What not to do in the technology stack research process?

Most business owners fail because they make any of these mistakes while selecting a technology stack for their web app.


Personal preferences

It is possible to believe in your personal preferences when selecting a technology stack for a web application. But there is a drawback attached to it; this goes well only for those with a good background in web development.


Relying on a competitor’s experiences

Assessing the competitor’s product to a large degree is the correct strategy. However, as far as technology stack is concerned, you cannot copy their entire tech stack.


Depending only on internet research

Though the internet is a vast sea, you cannot entirely rely on it. There may be opposite opinions which might misguide you. You can consult an expert than solely depend on Internet research.


Selecting tech stack you used in your earlier project

There is uniqueness in every product. Hence, you shouldn’t just apply the technology stack you earlier used. You may be tempted to use the earlier stack because you may have been successful in your previous project. But don’t do so.

Now we will see the essential factors you should regard if you wish to create a web app successfully.


Type of project

The project can be small, mid-range, or complex. While you can opt for WordPress or CMS for small projects, you can go for languages like Java and C+ for mid-ranged projects. You can use various programming languages for complex projects.


Team’s expertise

You should also take care of the level of knowledge of the developers. As soon as the app is released, the developers also have to deal with the maintenance work.



Scalability refers to the ability of the website or application to deal with work. With the increase in the number of users, the app should be proficient at taking care of the growth. So consider the future development of the stack.


The total cost of development

As per the technology stack, you are using you should get it licensed too. Before making the final decision, gauge the balance of cost applying a specific stack with regard to the usability of its features.

These are the vital factors to regard if you wish your web app to be successful. But ensure that the quality of your web app is also good. This quality includes user experience.

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