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In this fast-paced digital era, customers don’t want to take the pain of waiting in line for their food; they prefer to order ahead. Moreover, several individuals use their mobile devices to order from restaurants. So doesn’t this imply that restaurants must have a powerful mobile presence that not only reaches out to future customers but also assists in involving and driving repeat business with loyal customers who are always on the go?


What is the specialty of order, pay and go?

Order at the table , which is a part of online ordering, is a totally different experience when compared to attempting to talk to a person in a crowded restaurant. When you use online orders through the mobile device you can place the order at your convenience. You can decide what you want and choose what you like.


You needn’t wait or attempt to talk to the staff person in the crowded restaurant. You can just get the convenience of online orders and immediately notify the restaurant people whether delivery is needed. Moreover, a restaurant kiosk is an innovative way to order in a restaurant. It is an amazing self-service billing solution. You can order for yourself at the restaurant with the help of the touch-screen Kiosk. The customer should be present at the restaurant to do this.


At the end of the day, a successful pre-ordering service augments the customer experience, strengthens customer relationship, and triggers more revenue. It is essential that the hospitality industry is geared up to offer the best mobile experience their customers expect. iCashout, which has been closely following this trend, has come up with this beautiful solution. Everything is taken care of in your smartphone. The app ascertains that everything associated with food is carried out in a hassle-free manner. You can pay at the table through the app in an instant. Have a great dinner or lunch or even takeaways with the stress of no delays.

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