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Flutter – Setting the trends in Mobile App Development 2020

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Flutter is an incredible toolkit launched by Google a few years back. The reliable and functional mobile user interface helps in developing both Android and iOS mobile applications with a single code base that makes many companies invest in mobile applications. Many companies and mobile app developers have realised that Flutter will be the right choice for mobile app development. 

Before we get into the significant trends of Flutter in 2020, here are some key features of Flutter in mobile app development.

  • Flutter provides a flexible framework for the kernel, that provides scalable widgets for the developers. It also provides full user extension for developing customized attractive and unique application interfaces.

  • Flutter has an effective and easy portable user interface that allows developers to work in multiple user interfaces.

  • Google flutter has a command called Flutter Doctor that allows developers to easily identify bugs in the application and fix the error as soon as possible.

  • The fun feature provided by flutter known as the hot reload allows access to various widgets and also access to work in dynamic interfaces.

  • The flutter frameworks are supported in multiple integrated development environments (IDE), which includes Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Xcode.

Flutter is a free open source offered by Google for developing Android and iOS applications. Being one of the predominant platforms, Flutter is the most preferred tools by many developers. In this article, we have listed some of the reasons why flutter is the development trend of 2020:

Same business logic and UI for all platforms

Flutter has a common UI pattern that extracts out the reusable widgets and eliminates the need for setting up individual UI properties such as styling, colours, etc. Flutter allows developers to adjust the business logic and UI through editing the code of the Android and iOS flutter apps.

Similar to native app performance

Flutter apps are developed in the Dart language, which removes JavaScript bridges that are composed of native machine code. This makes the realising and compiling an application faster than React Native.

Time saver

With Fluther’s hot reload feature, there is no need to spend time on deployment like a regular programmer. Flutter allows you to apply changes without losing the current application state. Other than this, it allows easy bug fixings, developing UI, and adding new features without compromising the speed and quality assessment efforts and this is why many developers choose Flutter as a development platform.

Hot Reload Feature

The flutter command hot reload highly beneficial for design developers cooperation. For example, if a designer implements changes on UI, they can instantly see if the changes have reflected in it or not. Developers feel that this type of features is found very less in other application platforms.

Highly Responsive

Flutter apps have very high responsiveness and can run on any platform that properly functions to Dart code. Flutter application has moved ahead forward from a mobile application to new opportunities in desktop and web applications that are active today.

With all this, it is clear that flutter mobile application is a game-changer in today’s cross-platform development. These 5 features make it prove that flutter is one of the best in class among other cross mobile application development tools. If you are looking forward to developing a mobile application in the flutter app, then feel free to contact Pyramidion Solutions, the best mobile app development company in Chennai.

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