Factors related to Launching and not Launching a Mobile App for an Enterprise

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Based on statistics, it is found that mobile app market is predicted to grow to an astronomical figure of $ 63 billion come 2020. Last year, the mean number of apps developed was 11 which is signified as a 126% increase and expansion.


There are both positive and negative aspects associated with mobile apps. Further, analysis notes that 23 % of all the mobile apps are manipulated only for one time. However, 39% of apps are used by users for 11 times or more. It is related to the situation and timing which would place a mobile app in any one of the resultant statistics


Below featured are 6 attributes which stress the need for a mobile app for an enterprise



1.The enterprise has a query to be satiated or a modification to be implemented.


The well prospering and thriving mobile apps were created and developed since there was a chance to enhance and upgrade a process and not particularly because the enterprises were faced with a channel to be complete.


Mobile apps are efficient if they offer a single service. It is not necessary to design an app which serves all purposes or one which has an infinite and everlasting lifespan. Leaving that out the entrepreneur must gauge a short or long term purpose and emphasize on how to achieve that state.


Below listed are three instances related to mobile apps tackling business issues


a. With the rapid growth of an enterprise, the executives must keep the workers linked. Answer: Generating a staff directory app featuring chat options


b. Digital newspaper, Emails and blogs are not able to amass enough readers. Answer:  Implementing an article related app that notifies users when a news pertinent and applicable to them is present.


c Users fretting that the brand can be much more novel and ingenious with their methods. Answer: An app developed especially for the users who can integrate with the brand instantly to accomplish their requirements and needs.


2. Contemplating the fact that the brand’s audience cherish the app


A brand’s target audience should constitute one or more of the following


Possess technical acuity. Manipulate the mobile devices consistently and embrace the app’s contents demanding for more. They also ask for offers, deals and other such aspects. They also desire an extraordinary and sophisticated customer service from the brand. Also if they are making use of the apps which are from the brand’s rivals and competitors.


The audience will be in sync with the mobile app provided they belong to any one of the aforementioned categories.


3. Comprehending regarding what the audience will  come back for


Half of the problem is solved if the entrepreneur has a good app proposal and knows what exactly the
targeted audience will desire and expect to come back for more.  On the contrary, even if there is a great app idea but users are not enthralled by it, users retainment is an unsuccessful venture all together


Taking an instance of an established enterprise which has incorporated an internal communication app dealing with news  internally and also displays the enterprise’s canteen menu. The latter was what that made the people availing and coming back to the app for more. As a smart move, the business integrated the app with snapshots of the company news along with the menu in the bottom and this amalgamated user involvement.


4. Being sophisticated and innovative


By implementing apps for the enterprise,it is evident that the approach taken by the company is imbibed with innovation rather than being based on typical guidelines. Taking an instance, the enterprise’s clients have a chance of being enthralled if the brand uses tablets during meetings. Further they would desire if Powerpoint and printed materials are used to augment the situation clearly showing that the brand is involved in a novel methodology.


It is a fact that most of the enterprises manipulate apps for the wow factor rather than that they have good proposals. No brand can embrace and manipulate a new technology with perfection. Adapting to it is related to comprehend it and master it.


5. Rivals are leading the race


Innovation is augmented by the factor of vying in the market by embracing new technologies. The faster the technology progresses, the better. It is a conception in established agencies that mobile apps prove beneficial in the vying that is present.


It is a good move to release apps when others are following the same methodology. It is evident that no one wants to lag behind in the competition.


Implementing apps, the prospects of success are increased. The time and cost consuming aspect of them are a thing of the past. Provided the brand’s rivals are involved in the venture, the brand can immediately reinvent the aspect with a minimal or no code platform.


6. Taking an app feature from the competitors and refining it


As aforementioned, if the brand wants to venture into the app market mainly because its rivals are also vying in the market and also that it has a good proposal to distinguish the app from the others, it is a suggested move to be implemented instantly. Provided is the opportunity to rise to the top most position.


Below mentioned are 3 reasons as to why mobile apps should not be launched


1. Unsuccessful ventures in providing updates for the mobile app instantly and without much efforts


It is a fact that apps feature the scenario of updating after their release. Provided the brand is interested in availing the services of a freelance or any other agency to design the apps, a list of queries must be asked with respect to the expenditure and time involved in the upgrade process prior to manipulating them for work.

This issue is circumvented by manipulating an app building platform where the apps can be tweaked and modified immediately with the help of the platform.


2. Assuming that the first app of the brand will be the last one


The resultant of designing a brand’s first app is  good, however thinking that it will be the last one results in negative consequences. Mobile apps are very much beneficial if they serve only a single purpose of the enterprise and that they adapt only very few attributes at that instant. This is the reason why a typical agency designed a mean of 10 apps in the previous year.


Due to the aforementioned aspect, enterprises have to strategize the involvement of several apps which satisfy a plethora of services pertaining to the business extensively and completely. Although this is not needed initially when the app is being  built, it is suggested to carry out earlier so as to get more prospects.


3. Lacking resources to mange the app internally


Provided there is insufficient or lack of resources with regards to releasing and taking care of the app, the new app is bound for failure even before it is built. Comprehending as to how to release mobile apps efficiently throughout the brand is based on certain undertakings mentioned like managing the app content, measuring the app proposals and by providing recommendations and evaluating whether the new technology can be successfully incorporated into pre-existing systems


Thus it can be comprehended as to when to use the mobile apps have to be used for augmenting a business and the cases as to when they should not be manipulated as well.


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