Effective Tips For Better Mobile App Engagement And User Retention

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Although user acquisition is vital for app success, it is a futile venture if it lacks active users.

Mobile app engagement and retention factor are essential for app’s success.

Engagement – It relates to the active users of the app. Very much engaged users feature 10+ sessions on a monthly basis.

Retention- It is associated with the app users who manipulate the app in a timespan within 3 months after their first session.

The mean factors an app’s stickiness. For people who focus on monetization, the main goal is to retain engagement and incessant usage.


The Engagement/User Retention Problem

This is a challenging venture related to procuring good mobile app engagement and user retention. User abandonment is featured in 23% of the users. Ever since last 2 years, there has been a considerable improvement. Yet a quarter of the user base abandons the apps instantly. If an app is availed only once in a week then there is a major likelihood that the app wont be availed once more.


Augmentation in engagement and retention feature more loyalty and frequency from app users.


1. Easier Onboarding

An effective onboarding is effective in curbing app abandonment. If the app features several steps to register and intricate features then the user base is likely to discard it.

The first experience is important with respect to users and effective onboarding ensures that besides engagement factor, the user lifetime worth augments by 500%.

This is done by making profile settings simple and not overwhelming the user base with an abundance of information. It is best to provide feature/ functionality enlightenment.


2. Push Notifications


Another contributing factor is Push Notifications with metrics showing the rise from 56% to 180% furtherance. Its implementation has served to augment app engagement factor by 88% when evaluated with those who have not embraced it.

Push Notifications serve to alert the users that an app has been downloaded. It augments usage with the manipulation of targeted messages related to traits information and needs. It ensures that the user base does definitely return to the app.


3. Mobile Personalization


Mobile personalization aids in providing a good experience for the user. The more the bonding is between the experience and the user base’s choices, then they are guaranteed to use the app incessantly.

As apps dont provide the same experience, it is suggested to customize it with the help of present information so as to make its visibility factor and information display effective. Personalization adds a lot of worth to the user.

Customization can flourish especially when probing deeper into push notifications where the latter are developed based on the former to provide 54% conversion rate as compared to 15% from broadcast messages.

Care has to be taken when integrating push notifications properly if not they will behave on the contrary.


4. Incentivization


User retention and engagement factor can be augmented by the process of providing incentives to the user base. This can be done via particular content access, coupons, deals and mobile related prices.

This incentivization is related to the nature of the app. Timely discounts prove effective for apps which feature in-app purchasing as a means of revenue generation and freemium apps can manage it via manipulation related rewarding.


5. Product Iteration


Irrespective of whether the mobile apps are minimum viable products or completely functional, it is a fact that mobile apps are iterative. Constantly augmenting the app with brand new attributes and personalization will keep the user base focused. A lot of importance and insight must be given to gauging the analytics, user behavior and feedback so as to comprehend what exactly results in app engagement.



Both app user retention and engagement are on par with the necessity of user acquisition and in some cases may be more important. The mean lifetime value is augmented when users are transfigured to a loyal user base and the income is boosted. The aforementioned guidelines serve to drive user engagement and retention for any enterprise’s app especially in the intensely vying market.


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