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An Intro about the Apple App Store:

Ever since a decade it debuted, the Apple App Store has captivated people from across the world in the millions proving beneficial for all types of enterprises. As of this year, the Apple App Store features over 500 million users on a weekly basis. No doubt this reveals why it is generating revenues over Billions of Dollars. This has made Apple form a close bond with the developer base with regards to greater importance to the quality incorporated in the work.

As based on trustable sources, the App Store is the one that factors for 50% of all App installs. Diving deep into that 21% of that aforementioned statistics comprises of users who found mobile apps by means of a featured App Store placement. The latter is effective and even more so when combining the feature of customization with it when it comes to app download metrics.

With that in mind, it is indeed a great prestige for any application to be featured in the App Store seeing the infinite advantages it has like enhancing traffic and brand awareness to ultimately increase the download rate for your application. Featuring over 2 million apps at present, the chances of your application to get the attention of the editors are quite slim. While there is no 100% success solution for this, some techniques might come at least close enough.


Tips to get your app onto the Apple App Store:

Some vital prerequisites that have to be carried out before contemplating submitting the app of yours on to the App Store include the likes of developing an exceptional Mobile App. That app must actually prove beneficial in resolving what exactly your user base is facing in terms of issues and additionally deal the work with a design approach that is very much innovative.

Now let’s get started…


1. Zero issues based Functionality:

The ultimate aim behind creating a mobile app that actually is a big success requires it to be that good yet simple in terms of usage and that beneficial for your user base. The App Store strictly rejects Apps with even a single error or bug. Thereby deal with resolving all the app issues in a robust way well beforehand.


2. Opting for Native:

It is well known that Apple is inclined towards iOS apps that are Native over the cross-platform based ones. This is because they come with exceptional quality and offer the best in terms of user experience.


3. Promoting Apple that vibrantly:

If you want your App to get the best place in the App Store be sure to integrate your primary objectives with those of Apple’s. Thereby carry out the work with regards to your application with a great emphasis on Apple’s product release for better results. Carry out the work regarding the promotion of Apple’s products at the perfect time. Ensure that this collaboration will accomplish all the goals you had as an entrepreneur.


4. Enhancing the App consistently:

Apple prioritizes applications that are updated on a regular basis catering to the everchanging user base requirements.


5. Perfectly benefiting from your App Store Listing:

There is just a small fraction of time to enchant the people regarding your app. Thereby take steps to optimize the App Store page so as to enhance the download statistics. Keep the description that captivating if you want to gain the upper hand over the millions of other apps in the App Stores.


6. Utilizing App Store Optimization:

ASO concept is done to make your app featured on the top of the Search results. It helps to get more traffic and ultimately more downloads by optimizing the App Store listings. This will get the editor base interested. This ASO work must be carried out carefully by balancing the importance of both keywords and the title.


7. Opting for a stunning Icon:

Seeing that it is the first thing a person browsing the App Store actually sees with regards to your app it has to be special and attractive. Make it rich with stunning colors.


8. Maintaining strong ratings:

All the feedbacks of an App reflects what the user base felt in terms of user experience. Whenever an app is about to be downloaded, the first thing that comes to mind is the ratings and reviews of the application.


9.Generating the state of Hype:

Make sure that the branding work for the app is carried out before and after the app is released. Deploy a website where Users can get more insight regarding your app. Carry out promotions making use of the power of Social Media. The app visibility factor is boosted well enough to get attention from all over.


Some additional considerations that are valuable:


All the Apple Editors are decision prone favoring you based on some factors mentioned below:

(i)User Experience and Usability featured in the App.
(ii)Being distinct and that effective in addressing the needs of your user base.
(iii) App Performance and Functionality related factors.



Follow the aforementioned techniques to increase your chances to succeed for sure. As stated earlier being a part of the Apple App Store will be very beneficial and whats more featuring an application that is exceptional in quality is guaranteed of 200% success. Pay heed to the ever-evolving demands of the user base and satiate them through the app if you want to drive more user retention rates.


Author Bio:

Pyramidion Solutions is a prominent Mobile App Development Company that has years of expertise with respect to quality oriented iOS App development no matter how ambitious they are. It takes care of the rest to ensure that your app gets the visibility and the edge in the densely populated Apple App Store.

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