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There is an overwhelming number of applications on different platforms arriving each day. To develop a technological solution that is entirely different from a regular application and give a unique user experience, businesses enter into Mobile App Development with no second thought. Not that it is a total mess getting mobile application development into play but there are many innovative ways of letting in your product and a lot of research about the emerging development technologies has to be done to get known of the current trend.

The progressive web app is the finest solution to handle all of the aforementioned criteria. PWAs are nothing but web apps developed to replicate the experience of using a mobile application, across devices. With a standard-compliant browser, people can operate a PWA from any platform. They incorporate the recent web technologies and are a combination of both web and mobile application functionalities. 

To make your products compatible in the cutthroat market, our PWA solutions are the right choice since they are becoming faster and engaging among the masses. At Pyramidion, we have tech expertise in PWA development and make use of result-driven methodologies to help you launch a solution that improves your business in all aspects. Let’s pay heed to the facts and advantages of using our Progressive Web Apps and how they can power up your business standards.

Mobile App Development Vs. PWA Development

Both Progressive web apps and mobile apps are here to stay. To deliver a seamless experience with unique strengths based on your business goals, the progressive web app is the go-to option. Let us distinguish between the two solutions and get to know them well.

FeaturesPWAsNative Mobile Apps
Function offline
Push notifications
Home screen access
No download requirement
Google indexed
Fewer data requirements
No updations
Mobile-specific navigation
GPS enabled
No App Store validation
Boost subscriptions

Key Features of a Progressive Web Application

Thanks to PWAs’ easy discoverability, installation, automated updates, and offline working, they enhance the user experience and engagement exponentially. Here are the notable features of a PWA that are must-adds when you develop one for your business.

  1. Easily linkable

PWAs are shareable through URL. Instead of using the app store to install an application, a PWA can be added to the home screen as a shortcut.

  1. Easy Installation

The installation of a PWA is made simple. All the user has to do is entail visiting a site and add it to the user’s home screen.

  1. User engagement

The user engagement can be increased by these apps with their easy-to-use interface and impressive UI.

  1. Search engine optimization

Since it is a website at a base level, it can be easily optimized and indexed by Google. Its extremely SEO-friendly nature helps it to reach huge masses effortlessly.

  1. Application-like functionality

These applications mimic the functionalities and navigation operations in a full-fledged mobile application.

  1. Work under a low or offline network

These apps are capable of working both offline and on a low-quality network.

Advantages of PWA Development

To get a weighted objective and make an informed decision, you will need to know both the merits and pitfalls of Progressive Web App Development. Let us go with the advantages first.

  • High performance

To prevent slow page loading issues, progressive web apps ensure high performance with their lightning-speed page loading.

  • Simple yet valuable

PWA lets the user have both a website and an application interface in one place. Simple installation followed by valuable experience is the key process induced in PWAs.

  • Universality

The cross-platform nature allows the user to access a PWA on any possible device or platform.

  • Personalization

Progressive web apps can be made more personalized than regular mobile applications to increase customer engagement and customer retention.

  • Affordable

They are extremely faster and cheaper since it uses a single code base for all the platforms. It limits the overall cost and time to be spent on the development.

  • Available offline

PWAs work offline perfectly. This is one of the greatest advantages of progressive web apps.

Disadvantages of PWA Development

Now that we know the pros, let’s discuss the cons.

  • Decentralized search

To get the PWAs in action, each website must be reached out for the same separately. There are no categories from which a PWA can be downloaded.

  • Limited functionality for Apple

Apple users are not able to leverage all the benefits of PWAs even though it is supported in Safari.

  • Isolation

Among themselves, PWAs cannot share resources with each other because of their highly separated nature.

  • Lack of access to Native Features

While PWAs can replicate a lot of what mobile apps do. There are certain native features like Contacts and inbuilt phone sensors that cannot be accessed by PWAs.

Why Choose PWA over Mobile Apps?

Here are some of the valuable elements of our progressive web application that strive to prove that they are useful for your web and mobile application development.

  • Single technology for all platforms’ development
  • Faster delivery with reduced costs
  • Reliable and engaging performance
  • Best user experience
  • Native app-like UI and UX
  • Advanced security and transparent accessibility 

Wrap Up

PWAs comprise qualities that a user expects from any other modern application. It helps you get a vast market reach and can be easily search engine optimized. If you are seeking web or mobile application development for a quick go-live and to test the market, then Progressive Web Apps are worth the try. 

On the other hand, you should choose an industry-best PWA Development Company that could assist you in developing a fully functional PWA. Pyramidion offers you top-notch services for both PWA and mobile application development. We have an in-house team of skilled developers that maneuvers you through each stage of the development process and aims at delivering a feature-rich and market trend-aligning PWA solution that also fits every grain of your business needs. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us to leverage our development services.

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