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What is the Development Cost of an App in 2019?

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The app development cost is the initial question when launching a digitals startup. The significant findings show that the cost to develop an app can range anywhere between $5,000 and $500,000.

How is App Development Cost Calculated?


The main app cost initiator is the app’s features. A feature is a particular task as per which the software should function and provide the expected result. The number of features and difficulty level of their implementation directly correlates with the cost to develop an app.

Type of app

The app types you select will mostly impact the overall cost of your project. Typically, there are three types of apps to choose from:
• Native Apps
• Hybrid Apps
• Progressive Web Apps
• Single or cross-platform

Will the app be on Android, iPhones, or both? If you wish to develop an app that functions for both operating systems, building one hybrid or progressive web app will do the work.

With regard to native apps, it will work only on one platform. For this, you should build two separate native apps if you require cross-platform functionality. Nowadays, several businesses are shifting towards progressive web apps (PWAs).PWAs appear and feel much like native apps, but they are less expensive.


The work isn’t over once your app has been built and is made available to the people. For your app to continue giving its best, it will require constant updates and bug fixes. Maintenance generally comes in the form of annual licenses. Sometimes, these licenses comprise app hosting fees too. If not, you should calculate those costs separately. Discuss with your app developer whether they can offer app maintenance.


To put it simply, the cost of the app will be more concerning its complexity and the development time you need. We wish you all the best in fructifying your app idea. If you are ready to begin, we can assist you.

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