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The present timeline has seen a losing interest in the prevalence of Cable Television among people when it comes to viewing their favorite shows or movies in the TV. This is because of the increasing interest towards how Live Video Streaming Apps come as a futuristic alternative. Any form of entertainment can be enjoyed with any annoying ads and the such.


Let’s take a plunge deeper into the best advantages these apps offer:


1. Simplicity in Registration and Sign in

The primary requirement which users see in these live video streaming apps is simple and hassle-free registration. Provide several options for creating an account for the user. Another important factor to be considered is the option to retrieve a forgotten password and create a new one immediately.


2. User account setup

Taking into account, the various details of the users who signed into your app is a good move. Thereby the next step is to allow the user to input all his info like preferences, contact number, name and the such with simplicity.


3. Effective Search Feature and Recommended Video List

All the mobile app developers have to ascertain that they include a search bar allowing an easy search for the user to get what he needs immediately in the form of videos. Ensure to broaden and spice up the search feature with lots of interactive and smart options to guide the user.


4. Importance in collecting Feedback

A well popular video implies a lot of people watching it and it can be used to accumulate the important reviews of the people watched it in the first place. The feedback encompasses details regarding the video quality, how much the video was enjoyed, any issues while watching the video and the such.


5. Manipulation of Geo-Location for tracking

Live video streaming apps are quite effective when the feature of geolocation is as well integrated with it. This is mainly because the streaming can be tracked with relative ease.


6. Consistency in providing Notifications

The manipulation of Push Notifications is vital to increase digital traffic for you. For a user who has subscribed to your app, the Push notification feature can help the user in getting the latest updates pertaining to whether a new video of his preference has been uploaded for viewing.


The cost involved in the development of such live video streaming apps:

Speaking about the cost, the first thing that is associated with it is the team behind developing the application. It features the Project Manager, the app developers proficient with respect to the iOS and Android technologies, the UI/UX designers, the backend developers, the QA team etc. Additional thing contributing to the price is the server and the third-party apps as well.



The concept of Live Video Streaming Apps is booming in the market. They apart from offering the best entertainment can also be used from an enterprise perspective to augment it further.

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