Detailing Important Design Patterns in the Swift Language for iOS App Development

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Swift ever since its inception has risen in prominence to become one o0f the reliable coding languages related to iOS app development.

Being an iOS developer in order to gain the needed expertise in Swift, there is the need to be sound when it comes to the plethora of design patterns which play a vital role in the development of applications that are exceptionally secure and also powerful when it comes to performance.

In other words, these design patterns are templates offer resolutions to typical issues that arise when it comes to the design-oriented work. They find their use in keying in simple codes that are both understandable and can be used once again in the future.

Some of their advantages include Code Unification, a common vocabulary and Tested Solutions to name a few

Coming to the different varieties of these design patterns they are mentioned in detail below:


1. Creational

This type of design pattern finds its potential when it comes to the conceptualization of object mechanisms. Primarily it gives a lot of proof supporting the objects and proves its worth when it comes to a given condition. It is classified further as mentioned below.

The Singleton Method

This is effective when it comes to the usage of just a single instance for a specific class or an object copy. The particular instance gains control globally. In the first venture, for developing the instance manipulated is a lazy loading process.

The Factory Method

When it boils down to coming to a decision between the classes comprising of those which are integrated with the common protocols and ones which share a common base class, the factory method will be the best option. It features an operational logic which selects the class and it has the solution as well.

The Abstract Method

While resembling the Factory method what makes it distinct from the former is its manipulation in creating a group of objects. It is impossible to make use of the pattern when it comes to predicting the implementation.

Builder Method

Builder method is the best shot when it comes to building complex objects with the basic ones as the base. Another advantage is that the common code can be manipulated to develop various different objects.


2. Structural

This pattern does everything to make the designing work very easy and as well as developing a simple method to integrate all the classes with the objects. It is categorized into several, some of which are detailed below


The Model-View-Controller type when it comes to iOS app development is a very important pattern. The model component is associated with the data. The View signifies everything comprising the interface design and the animation buttons. Finally coming to the View, it integrates everything as one.


This type of structural pattern supports the concurrent functioning of objects where the interfaces are very much incompatible out not aligned properly. It encapsulates the respective objects and changes the data into the form of feet.


Facade serves to interface the libraries or classes or the frameworks with relative ease and simplicity.


3. Behavioral

These type of design patterns find their advantages when it comes to associating with the typical communication patterns and integrating them together. A few of them are mentioned below.

The Template Method is a pattern is signified as the backbone when it comes to the algorithm and gives the control to the subsystem phases. Another pattern named Command features a method that is interfaced with an action touch so as to get a given interface. Others include the likes of Momento and Observer



When it comes to selecting the best design pattern, it is very important in the creation of a robust and highly secure application where every development work is simplified. Further, any maintenance and update works are also made relatively easy.


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