Creating an app using React Native? Here are some common mistakes to avoid

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The mobile apps have taken over the world; every business is being digitalized and needs a mobile application to run the business smoothly. There are several source codes when it comes to app development and React Native is a popular source code framework that is developed by Facebook.

React Native framework is an admired source code to develop a mobile application in both android and IOS. This source code is more comfortable to work for many developers because it is in javascript, and it is the necessary coding that is required to be a developer. This source code has many advantages like excellent user interface, optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. All these things make it perfect to use a framework like React Native. But often there are some common mistakes developer do in React Native framework and here are some tips to avoid.

Underestimating about the process
While using React Native, you have to keep in mind that the layouts for android and IOS are different, and some certain elements cannot be exchangeable. So be mindful when working for different platforms. In the initial stage of the process, it is easy to underestimate the number of codes needed to develop the app. So always analyze thoroughly and double-check at the beginning of the process.

Is Redux required for all mobile apps?
Redux is a tool used by the developers to handle and manage large and heavy files. This tool is handy while developing much complicated mobile applications and allows the developers to manage the large files. But for small projects, Redux is not required as it needs complicated coding to make minute changes. So don’t complicate the process which was simple in the first place.

Be careful when using external modules
Many mobile app developers and coders use external modules to take off their workload a little bit, but when not used properly, it creates more complications. External modules come with pre-developed codes and documentation, which is believed to help the developers. But each mobile app is different, and the same formed codes may not work for them. So read every line of coding when it comes to using external modules.

Ignoring Unit Testing
Most of the developers make this mistake while developing a mobile application, and it is essential to write testing code before launching the app to the users. Many coders make this mistake because you do not need unit testing while using React Native for the app to run, and many ignore this step. But writing testing code makes sure that all the functionalities of the app are working well before launching it into the world.

There are many more mistakes that are made frequently while using the React Native like forgetting the log statements in the app and not optimizing the images used in React Native. Avoid all these mistakes to have a functional and smooth running app or contact the best mobile developers in Chennai like Pyramidions. They have highly experienced and professional mobile app developers who do not make rookie mistakes and are careful about developing the best possible mobile app for your business. Pyramidions have a customer-centric approach and put full effort to establish a functional and user-friendly app that matches all your needs.

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