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When we take the current digital era, a majority of the people love paying a great deal of attention to their looks and also to bring into perfection. There are a plethora of mobile apps that can do this, and some of them have become a part of several mobile apps users. That particular user base prefers the camera-inbuilt apps over their phone camera.
One such app called FaceApp has been developed using cutting edge software algorithms to make you look younger or older in your selfies. The app powered by Artificial Intelligence has become very popular as of late.

If you are very much interested in tasting success by building an app like FaceApp then this is the article where you will get greater insight regarding the same.

Lets first get some knowledge about this photo-morphing app.
FaceApp uses AI to add virtual effects in the original image. You can add amazing or weird or any type of alterations in the image. This is achieved by neuro face transformations. You can take a photo from the app or even alter your existing photos from your Phone gallery. It adds a kind of realistic touch. There are several cool filters you can use in this app that is present in both the iOS and Android versions.

Key features of the FaceApp include User Sign-In, Photo Editing (done using filters like Young filter, Old filter, Male filter, Female filter, and Smiley filter) and getting the Edited photos to be saved onto the phone. Finally, the edited photos can be shared on all the popular social media platforms.

Steps to download FaceApp
a. Download the Application from Google Play or App Store.
b. Sign-in into the app
c. You can observe a live view of the camera that also has a head-shaped place. You have to adjust yourself until your face fits in with the head-shaped are.
d. After the framing is complete, you can share the photos with all your friends in the social media by tapping the shutter button and then clicking the respective social media share icons.

Now coming to the cost, the app comes free of cost. However, you have to pay $3.99 to use the state of the art filters. The premium version called “FaceApp Pro” comes with ad-free usage, advanced filters, filter updates and several more. The monthly subscription is $3.99 as early mentioned. The annual and lifetime subscriptions are $25 and $45 respectively.

With that answered let’s see how much will it cost to develop such a photo-morphing app similar to FaceApp-
The average development time for the iOS version may vary from 600 to 852 hours. For its Android counterpart, it may take 595 to 852 hours. The Back-end work may take 575-770 hours to get done.
The cost factor may vary depending upon how complex and ambitious the project actually is. It can depend upon various factors such as the number of filters to be added, the expertise of the development & programming team and the mobile app development service location.

If we decide that it takes 850 hours of development time to develop an app like FaceApp, the total cost may be ranging from 30K $ to 50K $ provided the work is carried out by a development firm in the US. This may increase you want even advanced versions of the app to be launched.
The development work typically costs 40 dollars on an hourly basis. This sums up to 34 k $ to develop such an app like Face APP that comes only with the basic features.

Concluding Lines:
With its distinct/fresh concepts and features, FaceApp has been very well received, and its popularity remains unchallenged as there are no clones of it in the app market.

Author Bio:
Pyramidion Solutions is a Mobile App Development Company in Chennai that has years of expertise in developing different types of mobile applications for several industrial verticals. Its specialty includes developing photo-editing apps that come with special features.

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