Challenges when it comes to Social Media App Development and Solutions for them

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Ever since some few years back there has been a surge in popularity when it comes to social media through mobile applications. Social media power is dominating everywhere be it dating, entertainment, communication purposes like personal or official and many more. It proves to be very beneficial seeing its potential for developers and enterprises to capitalize effectively.

When coming to the development of such social media applications, having sound knowledge of the fundamentals with respect to development alone won’t suffice. It is important to be enlightened with all the important facts and the prevalent hurdles which come along as well with these types of applications. Featured below are some of the important points which both web and mobile app development companies should comprehend when getting associated with the development of social media applications.


Problems in operation when availing the services of a third party company:

The enterprise who wants the development of a social media app does not have total control when it comes to ascertaining the best application functioning seeing the fact that there is the very much possible likelihood of errors arising due to mistakes arising on the part of the third party companies with whom you have entrusted the responsibility of the development work.

The best solution for this is to avail the services of a team which offers sound technical support round the clock.


Way overloaded servers:

Servers can face downtime or experience crashes due to several factors including the likes of huge volumes of traffic, the rapid surge in the user base or several operations that take place simultaneously.

A way to resolve these issues is to manipulate the services and platforms that have a track record of being reputed for reliability and productiveness.


Poor communication when speaking with the team handling the service:

It is typical that the entrepreneurs as the clients and the team handling the actual development work actually don’t correspond in the same language and this proves to be disadvantageous when aiming to establish a good communication between both the parties.

Organizing negotiation oriented meetings through a sole contact platform serves effective in this problem.

This approach proves to eliminate the concept of micromanagement. Having a few sets of developers or a big team all fall in the same category where the negotiations will be done only through a sole personnel who is authorized to carry out the responsibility. Apart from the info exchange with the clients, the other advantage is that the person is in charge of the total development process and managing things effectively as well. This single communication portal proves its worth especially in cases when there is the need to integrate new features at a speedy rate and when there are very small time frames when it comes to top priority deadlines.


Slow time with regards to profit value:

When putting in huge money, there is a misconception that the project will definitely be a great success.

There are several factors which contribute to this but the most evident and obvious one is the fact that no one is even talking about the developed application due to poor or no advertising techniques.

To overcome this it is suggested to adopt the technique of smart advertising and carrying out targeting with a streamlined approach.

Plan out who your user base is and the branding efforts must be carried out as per the demographics and the preferences of that particular user base. The usage of tools like Google Adwords and Google AdSense come in handy here where the former helps the application to be displayed in the search engine results while the latter features advertisements related to the given application in various blogs and different websites as well.

Here Google Adwords permits to demonstrate your application on the web index comes about page, Google AdSense places advertisements about your application in promotion writes on different sites.


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