• Serverless Architecture

    Is Serverless Architecture an efficient choice for App Development ?

     App development has progressed a lot in recent times. Because of an influx of demand from the userbase and enterprises, cloud services have assisted the developer base to be productive in developing secure apps. The next trend in app development is serverless. Or is it? What is Serverless Architecture? Serverless denotes the removal of the […]

  • Mobile App Creation

    So You Want a Mobile App Developed? Here Is How to Properly Allocate Budget

    Like how complex is the process of Mobile App Development so is the budgeting work involved with it as well. Every app operates with an underlying goal that is creating huge profits for an enterprise as well as enhancing the operations/functioning involved all at reduced cost and time. The differentiating factor comes with the method […]

  • Top Differences Between Android and iOS App Development

    Developing an app is a challenging activity. It is rising quickly because of the mobile phones diffusion, reputation among end-users, and growing business requirements. Well, what forms the main difference between Android and iOS development? Here we list down the main differences so that you can clear the questions of confused clients.   Programming language […]

  • Renowned Mobile Application Trends of 2019

    When the first smartphone came into the scene two decades ago, would you have forecasted how integral a part of your life it will turn out to be? Smartphones together with fast Internet access means that we are spending a lot of time online compared to 5 years ago. There are several statistics which highlight […]

  • MongoDB vs MySQL: Which database is appropriate for your business?

    Nowadays modern enterprises are contemplating on better ways to store and control their data. It can be for gaining better customer insight, meeting changing user expectations, or beat shine in the competition with new applications and business models. Selecting a DBMS (Database Management System) may put you in a confused situation since there are several […]

  • Flutter App Development Company

    Why Are Mobile App Startups Embracing Flutter

    Ever since its initial release which happened a year ago, Flutter has won the hearts of mobile startups as their most trustworthy mobile framework which gets done economically and on time as well. Now, this article will precisely define why that aforementioned statement is indeed a reality. Speaking of Flutter it is the brainchild of […]

  • Why Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Overtake Our Lives In the Near Future

    In the present world, we rely on Google to get whatever info we need. Speaking of getting proper directions when we travel outside, it is Google Maps or some navigational applications that guide us. And with that in mind, let’s discuss in detail about how these apps and such software apply Artificial Intelligence to serve […]

  • How IoT is Revolutionizing Mobile Application Development

    Internet of Things is a trend that is gaining immense popularity at an accelerated pace. It is because of its limitless benefits and the simplicity with which it can be used. Speaking of what IoT actually means, it signifies an integrated network of devices that can communicate effectively with one another. It can be applied […]

  • A Word on Some Very Popular Enterprise Development Trends

    The entire enterprise domain is undergoing a rapid change in addressing the ever-evolving demands of its user base by harnessing the power of technology. Soon next year, even more, powerful apps will emerge and existing ones will be enhanced for sure. Rest assured is the fact that enterprises will offer effective services that are integrated […]

  • Why Smart TV Apps Are Indispensable to the Telecommunication Domain

    Speaking of Apps they are used to accomplish whatever your need of the hour might be. The important thing to consider here is the fact that it is done in a streamlined and simple way. There are apps for viewing videos, reading content and virtually anything. Now Apps are extending their presence on to the […]

  • Why On-Demand Mobile Apps Are The Talk of the Town

    People are consistently on the lookout for services that provide instant results. This can be augmented by wielding the power of smartphones. On Demand apps solely account for outstanding success in the enterprises of the present be it Healthcare, E-commerce or virtually anything. What’s more even the application developers are getting benefitted thanks to this […]

  • The Best Mobile Application Development Frameworks to Watch Out in 2019

    A typical question that arises in the minds of application developers is choosing the right mobile app development framework to get the work done well. At present in the mobile app development world, it is imperative to choose a framework which facilitates the conversion of an app from one platform to another. All the cross-platform […]

  • How to Handle the Development Of Your Social Media Application

    Social Media has made the entire world connected to you in an instant. Now it is rising in prominence as being vital to our very survival in the digital world as well. This is primarily because a majority of the enterprises across the world are relying on social media to broaden their reach. The benefits […]

  • A Word On Big Data Revolutionizing the Domain Of On-Demand Taxi Booking

    Data is that abundant in this digital world and with such a massive abundance that was never ever seen before, the need of the hour is a powerful robust system that can effectively take care of it. The answer can prove beneficial enough for the entire On Demand service-oriented applications. A suitable candidate for that […]

  • How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Mobile App Banking Experience

    Speaking of the untapped potential that Artificial Intelligence wields with respect to revolutionizing the future along with cloud computing, robust open-source software and the such, all types of industries are getting benefitted. Speaking of this one notable example is the Banking Sector. Noe speaking of Artificial Intelligence its power can be leveraged for virtually anything […]

  • Best Mobile App Development Company

    How to Choose the Right Mobile Application Development Company to Build Your Dream App

    Your vision towards creating the ultimate mobile app is now distinct and exceptional. But have you found the right development team to get the work done well enough and that too in a timely basis? The external mobile app development companies will surely feature people with the technical expertise to get the job done effectively […]

  • A Word On Application Performance Management Platforms

    Over the course of the previous decade, the mobile application phenomenon has spread widely across every enterprise and their corresponding user bases as well with regards to how beneficial they are. These applications are used for virtually any need. From an individual user’s perspective, the concept of app management is very simple but however, it […]

  • Important Features To Be Included In Your Health Care Mobile App

    Taking the last couple of decades into account, the Healthcare Industry is booming and will still get bigger. When combined with the power of Mobile Apps they can get all our health issues sorted out that effortlessly and that instantly. The typical processes associated with diagnosis and healing have never been this smooth and effective […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Managing the Negative Reviews for Your Mobile App.

    Positive comments indeed indicate what features in your app made the user base that captivated and the bad ones tell what they didn’t find good. Both of these comment types must be treated equally. Availing the services of an effective mobile app development company will decrease the chances of negative reviews. If you do receive […]

  • Effective Techniques To Get Your Application Featured On the Apple App Store

    An Intro about the Apple App Store: Ever since a decade it debuted, the Apple App Store has captivated people from across the world in the millions proving beneficial for all types of enterprises. As of this year, the Apple App Store features over 500 million users on a weekly basis. No doubt this reveals […]

  • Some Hidden Costs Related to Mobile App Development

    Typical factors associated with Mobile App Development costs include the following namely: (i)The requirements of the project, platforms, back-end services and the such (ii)The firm behind the development (iii)Various other development related factors We do know in general about the cost behind app development, however, there are some aspects that are often overlooked. They can […]

  • You Have a Great App Idea. What Is Next??

    As an entrepreneur, you would have come up with an innovative idea which would revolutionize the whole mobile app world. But an idea won’t be good before progressing onto development work. It needs some refinement. Below are a few steps which will help you exactly in that.   1. Research Your Idea: This is no […]

  • The Advantages of Using the Cloud Technology for App Development

    All types of businesses are slowly realizing how powerful cloud computing can be used for application development. A research reveals that 60% to 70% of the IT service providers will contribute invest a lot in cloud technology so as to enhance their business even more effectively. Another news is that by the turn of the […]

  • On-Demand Doctor App Development –The Future Of Healthcare Domain

    There is consistent upgrades and enhancements when it comes to the Service sector. An On-Demand Doctor App will be a notable exemplar regarding this. Before getting into detail regarding this, let’s have a foreword This is the era where mobile phones and in particular mobile apps are booming in business. The Service Sector domain is […]

  • Unique Tricks App-Makers Use To Boost In-App Purchases

    Introduction: The ultimate aim of a mobile app developed is to generate revenues. Thereby importance should be given to enhancing the in-app purchases and download rates for your app via effective branding strategies.   Here are some tips for that (i) Enchanting your website visitors to download your mobile app: App downloads imply getting huge […]

  • Eight Factors When Choosing The Best App Development Partner

    Over the past few years, a lot of enterprises would have approached several companies to get a mobile app developed for them where they latter did not meet the former’s expectations. For those who want a mobile app developer, there are some important points elucidated in this article to find a good one So let’s […]

  • Why Swipe Is Important for Mobile Navigation

    What exactly does Swiping imply in Applications? As per Google, Swiping is very much different from the other associated gestures in mobile apps like flicking or scrolling. Coming to the app design related domain where one of the primary objectives is to manipulate the basic notions, the concept of swiping can be effective for application […]

  • Effective Mobile Application Testing Techniques

    Testing of mobile apps is very mandatory with regards to the development venture. This challenge increases with the enlarging variants in the mobile apps and the advent of even newer devices. This article will elucidate what factors which will give the QA team of a mobile app development team the best reputation with regards to […]

  • An Overview about Native Mobile Apps vs Hybrid Mobile Apps

    The moment to dive deep into the ongoing war between Native applications and HYbrid applications has arrived due to the progress in cross-platform app development. Released was React Native from Facebook followed by Google’s equivalent Flutter. The confusion is that enterprises are now puzzled whether to opt for two native app development processes or a […]

  • Discussing the Potential of an Even Better Future for the Android Market

    When it came to Google I/O 2018 which was held in this May, it featured all sorts of exciting news which will be much inspirational for aspiring developers. Rest assured the Android technological domain is geared up for even more excitement unlike anything experienced before. The event proved that Google’s potential in the form of […]

  • Fundamentals of the Outcome Driven Innovation Approach for Effective App Development

    The present digital world sees a majority of the people having a smartphone along with mobile apps within it. More and more new applications are developed at a rapid rate seeing that people are very much inclined to mobile applications to simplify their daily lives. Unless the proper thrust is given for a given innovative […]

  • Challenges when it comes to Social Media App Development and Solutions for them

    Ever since some few years back there has been a surge in popularity when it comes to social media through mobile applications. Social media power is dominating everywhere be it dating, entertainment, communication purposes like personal or official and many more. It proves to be very beneficial seeing its potential for developers and enterprises to […]

  • An Overview on what Contribute to App Development Costs

    Coming to availing the services of a company for mobile app development, it is important to know the total expense with regards to the services. A clear-cut price estimation is not possible to quote even by the best company prior to reviewing the requirements of yours.   Listed below are some important parameters related to […]

  • Why to Opt for Native Mobile App Development

    The tech giants Apple and Google feature a lot of Software Development Kits, development tools and the such to support the app developers. Native mobile app development services clearly have the advantageous edge over other contemporaries like Hybrid and Web app development. This is primarily due to the advantages it has over the other two. […]

  • What Happens Behind The Scenes Of Mobile App Development

    There is always the pondering question of what is the ultimate mobile application? Could this mean a fantasy? The question is how might it be conceivable that a mobile application is developed with all the cutting edge technology and innovations where the users and media will go insane and excited when that application launches on […]

  • A Word On Mobile App Development: From Proposal To Outcome

    Sometimes there is the question as to what is needed to develop a basic mobile application. Other questions include what exactly is the procedure the developers and clients experience when they’re associated with mobile app projects and furthermore, what is the exact standing of mobile application development industry at present. The inquiry as to how […]

  • Latest Web Application Development Trends To Watch Out This Year

    In this year, individuals are expecting a lot from the IT field. User conduct is difficult to judge as it varies from time to time and they need something new and one of a kind inevitably. As a proprietor of a business, it is your duty to monitor the present innovation trends and embrace them […]

  • Why Mobile Apps Are A Necessity For Smart Homes

    The current era is the golden age of mobility. These days, everybody has a smartphone that is more innovatively stacked than all the NASA PCs that launched a man on the moon in the middle of1969. So it’s nothing unexpected that mobile applications and such app development organizations have turned into a basic and vital […]

  • Reasons Related To The Popularity of Online Food Delivery Apps

    With the manipulation of the latest technologies and methodologies, brands associated with the business of food delivery are making endeavors to attain more customers and get more widespread. To make things much better for the gourmet and the eatery enterprises, an important technique which is being manipulated is On Demand Food Delivery App Development. The […]

  • Good Platforms Allowing Building Apps For More Than One Platform

    Seeing the demand and preference regarding hybrid mobile applications, the world stresses and pressurizes the mobile application developers to create the best applications for their clients to be satiated. Long days and considerably longer evenings are behind you where you and your development partners collaborate to make an application was always a proposal enshrouded in […]

  • What To Anticipate In Low Code App Development

    Application development is a costly venture. It requires a great deal of investment and cash, and endeavors are always watchful for answers that will enable them to take launch market-ready applications in less time and expense. Keeping that in mind, there are currently devices that can enable anybody with practically zero technical knowledge to make […]

  • Brand New Features Of Angular 6 To Simplify App Developers’ Lives

    Angular which is Google’s famous and effective JavaScript Framework related to the development of mobile and desktop applications has been the red-hot trend in the market ever since its inception in September two years ago. Before last year’s end, 5 versions were released where every newest addition was superior to the last. Developers are anticipating […]

  • Kotlin Language Is The Future Of Android App Development

    Kotlin, a lesser known programming language for the development of Android applications, is presently on a roll. Designers are robustly getting inclined for Kotlin changing from Java with regards to application development, and this exclusively happened when Google made it official recently, at the Google I/O 2017 meeting. Google reported that Kotlin will be the […]

  • Advantages Of Blockchain Innovation In HealthCare Domain

    Medical Data Interoperation in all the Healthcare Institutions and patient portals Is a future That We can envision. As The Blockchain Technology progressed, Its ability to make this ideal feasible and change all aspects of Healthcare Will Become More And More Evident.   What might occur in a perfect world in the event that you […]

  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Revamp Mobile App Marketing

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite a while, however, it is just true in the previous couple of years that we have seen some real achievements in the innovation. The potential for AI in the mobile branding industry is currently enormous and ought to be something mobile application advertisers are starting to embrace […]

  • Outlining The Top Mobile Application Development Platforms

    Mobile application development is very much essential to businesses than any time in recent memory. Yet at the same time, there are numerous organizations which don’t have an insight of what it is precisely and how can it functions, for those, Mobile application development is the assortment of techniques and frameworks incorporated into creating programming […]

  • Ways To Analyze How An E-Commerce Mobile App Is Thriving Well Or Not

    According to the insights, there is a likelihood of 60% that if an application is opened just once in 7 days it won’t be availed again. The destiny of online business applications is no different Making an interesting user expertise is getting to be plainly essential as brands build up their mobile offerings and plan […]

  • Outlining The Android App Development Trends For This Year

    Mobile operating systems continue developing to convey higher potential outcomes and better incentive as associated with the progressing time. In addition, the more community-driven and greater they develop as an application advancement domain, the more they have to stay abreast with the patterns. And all the main platforms accomplish that status of consistency and duty […]

  • Effective Ways To Lessen Mobile App Uninstallation Rates

    How about we take a plunge into the mobile application uninstall rates as noted by significant organizations. DazeInfo has claimed that 75% of clients uninstall an application inside 90 days. Business Insider reveals that gaming applications are associated with the most number of uninstalls, and by what Localytics had to reveal 24% of users abandon […]

  • Guidelines To Integrate Security Into A Mobile App

    Hackers are dependably waiting to ambush and pounce to access fundamental and individual data for malicious usage. With the beginning of mobile innovation, the phishing movement has turned out to be widespread and new ways have been concocted to invade and hack gadgets. It is a result of this reason organizations have started spending a […]

  • A Detailed Insight About Mobile App Development

    The Businesses that Need to Consider Mobile App Development It’s a given fact that a few organizations will most likely never need to build up a mobile application. Be that as it may, most enterprises will effectively benefit from such a resolution, as it builds client reliability and deals. These are: Entertainment – table reservations, […]

  • A Brief Overview About Hybrid Mobile App Development And Its Benefits

    Pleasantly, timely and proficiently – that is how things are done now keeping in mind the end goal to have them done successfully. This isn’t generally workable for customary individuals. We are residing in an era where conventions are changing on a consistent schedule. Individuals who don’t keep with time and who are not in […]

  • An Overview About What Is In Store For Android App Development In The Subsequent Years

    At the time when a business-branded mobile application is up and running, it’s vital to concentrate and pay attention to expanding the active client metrics and application installations from the enterprise’s intended target group. To achieve the most noteworthy engagement with the clients and change them into future users, here are a couple of valuable […]

  • Guide To Develop Hybrid App With Android Studio

    As the requirement for Android gadgets are expanding exponentially on a daily basis, the interest for applications will just increment. Not at all like Android applications, hybrid applications resemble some other application on the device. Hybrid applications are developed with a mix of web innovations like HTTML, CSS and JavaScript. The key contrast between the […]

  • Enhancing The eCommerce Domain Through Mobile App Development

    Internet business and retail shops have seen a great increment in mobile appropriation in the previous two years. According to a 2016 Gartner research, half of US digital trade income will be catalyzed by mobile engagement behavior by 2017. Additionally, 41% utilize their cell phones to research and look at costs before purchasing an item. […]

  • Details On How Bitcoin Wallet App Can Be Developed And Its Benefits

    Bitcoin, all things considered, is no more another brand new terminology as associated with the digital domain. It was conceptualized 10 years prior, p in the year 2009 and from that point forward it has turned out to be one of the chief and important types of online transaction. Be that as it may, it […]

  • Delineating The Best Trends Related To Mobile Application Development In The Times To Come

    Mobile application development is a current pattern itself. Seen that the Internet and its application domain is quickly expanding, the online enterprises are these days moving towards exploiting the potential of the smartphone. Most of the total populace these days avail digital items and services with the manipulation of their cell phones. There is an […]

  • Benefits Which Rapid Application Development Offers

    RMAD needs relevant knowledge to handle it yet at the same time decreases the expenses and the risk factor regularly associated with a conventional application development. Take the plunge into the benefits of adopting RMAD related products. Retailers at present provide end-to-end products to create, review, experiment with, launch and oversee mobile applications all through […]

  • An insight About The Tradeoff Between The Mobile Apps Quality And Speed

    In the time of data transfer taking place in MBs every second, the goal in giving the quickest speed with regards to file exchanges, information sharing, transfers and downloads inside the mobile application has quickly expanded and will keep on growing further in the future. This is the place the quality is traded off to […]

  • An Insight About How Mobile Apps Could Augment Any Business

    Mobile applications have moved on from being exclusively for dominating brands and enterprises. Indeed, even medium-sized organizations are presently and incessantly embracing the mobile application trend; be it that little coffeehouse at the corner or that of the ice cream shop down the road. All these business people have valued the significance of having your […]

  • An Insight About Decreasing The Code In Mobile App Development And Other Features

    Mobile applications are basically considered as online portal drugs: While one application isn’t tempting all alone, everyone can be inclined to habit framing and prompt the utilization of other such applications. What begins as a tween desire for Candy Crush rapidly developed to a fixation, with Instagram “likes” after five years. Considerably previous Facebook VP […]

  • Advantages Associated With Outsourcing A Mobile App Development Company

    For what reason Do Companies Outsource Their Mobile App Development Activities? It could be on the grounds that you need time, cash, specialized aptitude, experience or assets to proceed with in-house mobile application advancement. You might be provoked to hire an outer source to build up a mobile application for your organization when you are […]

  • Business Verticals And Industries That Will Thrive With On Demand Apps

    In this innovatively propelled world, the profoundly modern contraptions are enhancing lives. The entry of the mobile applications has been a major sponsor for the general population as they can get each and every data on their Smartphone or the tablet. Furthermore, genuinely this has been obviously conceivable as a result of the On-demand applications […]

  • The Main Aspects Which Differentiate Custom And Platform Based Mobile App Development

    An effective mobile system is a way to grow an online business. A good comprehension is necessary related to the process of developing mobile apps before venturing into it. All things considered, there are two predominant ways to deal with mobile application advancement, custom and platform based. There are numerous organizations who support custom mobile […]

  • Some Queries Which Startups Have To Address Before Developing A Mobile App

    Regardless of whether it was a business person who bootstrapped or be it a venture that resulted in a Series A type of investment, these sorts of clients normally have similar inquiries. This article takes the opportunity to answer a considerable lot of those inquiries, including how much a mobile application cost, to what extent […]

  • Narrowing Down On The Best Mobile Application Developers

    Innovation is presently a necessary component of how individuals live and work. Mobile device penetration entrance numbers over the world demonstrate an increment in ownership consistently. With mobile devices and other tech gadgets turning into a general apparatus for interaction and networking, organizations must figure out how to use this open door by venturing into […]

  • Insight About How Free Apps Monetize For Profit

    In-application purchases and branding permit application developers to profit off their free applications. In any case, keeping in mind the end goal to profit from a free application, you need to accomplish something beyond stick paid premium alternatives or promotions in your application. Shrewd application revenue generation methodologies originate from comprehending what income-producing alternatives are […]

  • How A Great App Design Has To Be Featured

    Design thinking has evolved. Individuals are currently more mindful of look and feel than any time in recent memory. Extraordinary plans are turning into a desire, and the individuals who furnish that in their items and administrations have an upper hand. The same is valid with applications particularly. The present designers concentrate on something beyond […]

  • Guidelines To Be Featured At The Top Of Mobile App Development Domain

    Each mobile application development brand comprehends that the application development domain is subject to intense vying. Thus, any new mobile application improvement organization will strive and toil to succeed. On the off chance that you are another application designer or you are attempting to begin another mobile application advancement organization, here are some vital hints […]

  • Disclosed Details Associated With Successful Mobile App Development

    Smartphones and mobile innovation have turned into the better approach to life for the greater part of the people. The year 2017 depicts 4.7 billion mobile clients who expend digital media on their mobile phones. Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play store totally featured over more than 3.5 million applications that are accessible for […]

  • The Advantages Of Mobile Health Apps

    As per Statista, it revealed that the mobile health applications will turn into the second biggest income generator by the year 2020, expecting to peak up to 46 billion USD. The mobile applications have changed the aspects of many enterprises present in the market today. Along these lines, in such a situation how could the […]

  • Insight About Reddit Launching Brand New Mobile Apps For Real Time Comments And Chats

    Featured about Reddit is that its mobile apps were associated with a big upgrade. It was the first ever move ever since the brand contemplated to assume control related to the Reddit mobile experience which was earlier accessible through external sources. The rolled out features encompass several new features related to media utilization and the […]

  • Insight About Developing A Business App Which Will Enthrall All The Employees Of A Brand

    Enterprise applications are one of the most recent vogues in this season that favor the corporate business and business group. The innovation of the mobile based applications has progressed beyond and today mobile applications are particularly getting developed for the leading enterprises that are more intricate, adaptable and easy to use. In this way, the […]

  • A Guide As To Whether Start With The iOS Platform Or The Android Platform

    Featured are comprehensive details in this article with relationship to which platform (iOS or Android) to choose first and then move on to the next. Also encompassed are details as to when to opt for both.   Android Demographics versus iOS Demographics Android as of now has the biggest worldwide platform share, with a specific […]

  • Guidelines To Enhance Mobile App User Engagement

    Developing a classy mobile application takes significantly more aspects rather than only an innovative thought. Contrivances won’t be effective and what is the need of the hour is effective and demonstrated techniques that help in driving better engagement for your application. Some of them require noteworthy idea and exertion and have to be carried out […]

  • Google’s New Set Of Guidelines Related To Android App Development

    Google has as of late made some key declarations with respect to the rules identified with application advancement. And all these arrangements of directions should be actualized for this year and the following; i.e. 2018 and 2019. In this way, please continue perusing the news further to stay in sync with the improvement procedure.   […]

  • Details About The Tech Giant – Apple Purchasing The Canadian Based Buddybuild

    As detailed by TechCrunch, the purchase made by Apple will help the developers to effortlessly make applications for Apple’s platforms. Buddybuild is an application development startup, which self-proclaims itself as “mobile iteration platform”. Basically, the organization is centered around incessant integration and debugging tools to help the application developers. The news additionally says Apple has […]

  • Insight About Some Of The Best Mobile Apps Of Last Year

    Research has demonstrated that mobile applications are quickly turning into a principal part of regular day to day existence. In 2017, application downloads for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store reached an amazing 27 billion around the world, and that does exclude updates and reinstalls.   With the mobile application branding world seemingly […]

  • The Indian Nation’s First Ever Mobile App For Cryptocurrency Transactions

    In the situation where bitcoins are highlighted for all the controversial reasons, cryptocurrency expert Pluto Exchange reported the dispatch of India’s first ever mobile application for taking care of transactions associated with the digital money and form of currency.   At a public interview here, Pluto Exchange Founder and Chief Executive Bharat Verma noted that […]

  • Business Verticals And Industries That Will Thrive With on-demand Apps

    In this innovatively propelled world, the profoundly modern contraptions are enhancing lives. The entry of the mobile applications has been a major sponsor for the general population as they can get each and every data on their Smartphone or the tablet. Furthermore, genuinely this has been obviously conceivable as a result of the On-demand applications […]

  • An Insight About This Year’s Exciting Mobile UX Design Trends

    The plans relating to mobile applications is continually under the procedure of change inferable from the requests and intensely developing rivalry. Entirely the client expects something unexpectedly when he downloads and sets up an application. What’s more, on the off chance that he doesn’t locate that excellent element, you realize what happens the next minute. […]

  • Guidelines To Ascertain That A Mobile App Generates Income

    Avail the application store on your smartphone and it can appear somewhat jumbled. In case you’re hunting down an application for a particular undertaking, odds are you’ll be overpowered with decisions, with some distinct brands providing a similar usefulness. With more than 3 million applications present on Google Play and more than 90 of the […]

  • An Insight About Some iPhone Application Development Trends Which Will Gain More Speed This Year

    2017 has been another unbelievable year is in peak. Another awesome year for iPhone application advancement. With 4 million + applications, the installation growth rate is of more than 70 percent and an incredible $5bn+ in income, Apple has beyond any doubt has gained a lot of money from its App Store. Supported by a […]

  • Pyramidion Solutions- The IT Company which meets all your needs and requirements in the form of software products

    Pyramidion Solutions is one of the reputed and renowned IT company which has expertise in developing classy mobile apps along with Website design & development and also offers powerful state of the art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to assure that your online business and website is brimming with huge volumes of online traffic along […]

  • Tips To Augment Enterprise Mobile App Security

    Generally, business applications have turned into a need for the business ventures, as opposed to being a way of wealth showoff. Truth be told, a large portion of the business firms are not having second thoughts in their correct approach towards enlisting the services of an exceedingly capable enterprise application advancement brand for getting the […]

  • The Emergence Of Kotlin Related To Android App Development

    The Kotlin sector is developing. This year, Google recognized Kotlin and officially bestowed it as the second main programming language of Android. At last, Android developers have the even minded and easiest language after waiting for so long Kotlin is a statically written programming coding language for the JVM and JavaScript. Depicted as a universally […]

  • An Insight About Mobile App Development By The Documentary App_ The Human Story

    Mobile applications are a noteworthy and integral part of the vast majority of the people’s home and work lives. However, the users don’t invest much energy and time considering how or why they were subject to inception. Application: The Human Story is a full-length autonomous narrative, taking a gander at the powers which were responsible […]

  • An Insight About Tinder’s Role And Standing In The Future

    It is now logical that online dating is the best way to get a future date and if successful a soul mate. However, some experts believe the popularity could be shortlived. There is the growth of new services and the previous champions are faltering.   Previously, Tinder was the talk of the town. With the […]

  • An Overview About Snapchat’s Latest Major Update

    As seen from the latest news related to the dip in profits for SnapChat, its founder and CEO as officially noted that the image messaging and multimedia mobile application is all set for a big revamp where the usage of the app will be simplified considerably and made more interactive.   This overhaul is featured […]

  • Measures To Minimize Expenditure Related To Mobile App Development

    Typically from the conceptualization of the mobile app trend in 2008, it has undergone a rapid transformation. App development is rolling ahead with momentum in a plethora of domains mainly smartphones, tablets, VR products and lots more. Irrespective of the size of the enterprises every single one is embracing apps.   An analysis reveals that […]

  • Insight Related To Being Associated With Mobile App Maintenance

    Although related to mobile app maintenance featured is the absence of a universal all comprising set of rules, the aspect of app maintenance is very much important to the existence of a mobile app in the App Store. Mobile app domain has gained rapid momentum and there are frequent updates from mobile app developers and […]

  • Guidelines To Carry Out Additional And Extensive Testing For A Mobile App

    An enterprise has finally finished the development phase with respect to mobile app development and it has been tested by a given circle of friends, family members and colleagues. In order to make more users test the product and generate precise feedback, the article will elucidate on various unique methods to manipulate the real users […]

  • Integrating Mobile Apps With Artificial Intelligence

    Mobile apps are being associated with artificial intelligence where the app developers and enterprises are infusing Artificial Intelligence with the present mobile apps. Smartphones made interactions to be enhanced and simplified. Now, AI is the currently trending technology with lots of potentials.   The established technological brands are investing a lot with regards to Artificial […]

  • The Necessity Of Android Operating System For Social Media Apps

    Currently, the Android platform has contributed a lot for social media to gain a considerable mainstream attention. This is due to the fact that the Android operating system is featured on more than 85% of the smartphones on a global scale. The social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are being availed incessantly from […]

  • Guidelines To Shorten The Mobile App Release Cycle

    The internet is completely filled with innumerable topics and discussions related to mitigating the app release cycle which proves effective for the mobile app development brands. The reasons are elucidated below: Taking into account the intense rivalry in the market and as there is an influx of mobile devices every month, it is suggested to […]

  • Guidelines For Captivating User Interface Related To Mobile Apps

    A mobile app is not only a portal comprising of few technologies to promote an enterprise’s services. It allows the existing and future customers to obtain a good experience from the app. The UI and UX designers have to manipulate effective User interface strategies to promote success. The user interface is how a user associates […]

  • Some Mobile App Marketing Rumours Which Have To Be Quashed

    Provided there is a proposal related to a mobile app, it does not deal alone with the mobile app development process and the prospects of success are decided by additional factors as well. Branding the app is effective so as to make the targeted user base captivated. Branding involves several obstructions which are tackled with […]

  • Boosting Your App’s Ranking in the Google Play Store

    Google Play Store features thousands of apps rolled out every year. However, only some 50 to 60% of such apps are embraced by the user base. Intense vying is present among the Android App developers so that the apps rank high in search rankings. Featured are several stratagems and incessant branding. Android app developers who […]

  • Guidelines To Ensure That App Usage And Visits Are Augmented

    Featured is an intense vying and competition in the app development world. There are millions of apps that are launched with the tagline that they are better than the others. However, only very few app proves to be a success and others fade away from existence. Hence several questions arise like what was the difference? […]

  • Enlarging An App’s User Base By Manipulating Social Mechanisms

    Humans prefer to install apps due to their productivity and usefulness. However, the user base who are manipulating the app don’t continue to be active users. Studies reveal that only 41% of the user base manipulates a given app more than 11 times. Hence needed are plans to retain the user base and add more […]

  • Insight About Which Mobile App Platform Any Brand Should Work On First

    “Which platform must first be selected to build an app ?”. This question has been trending for some years. The answer to this question is not straightforward. To quote an instance, an established media company features an assortment of users and adequate resources when evaluated with a budding startup. An app devoted to medical uses […]

  • Insight To Select The Apt Mobile App Development Company For Any Enterprise

    The association of mobile apps with enterprises is profitable for the latter. But the dilemma is related to selecting an apt app development company to carry out the process is what that is annoying. Featured are guidelines related to how a mobile app development company has to be chosen   GO BY STATS App users […]

  • Pitfalls To Circumvent When Rolling Out A Mobile App

    Below mentioned are the pitfalls which have to be avoided when rolling out a mobile ordering app. Not researching the market Market research provides insight and enlightenment related to the customer base, the market and the competing rivals as well. It is the main framework related to the prosperity of enterprise ventures and it should […]

  • Why Startups Should Go For Android App Development

    To access any information, the typical individual would manipulate the smartphone to get it by the web or an associated app. Smartphones have evolved to become an integral part of our daily life. Hence, the enterprises must emphasize on online functioning as well. This is feasible through mobile app development.   Related to this, the […]

  • Insight About Progressive Web Apps And Instant Apps

    Designing a sophisticated and interactive mobile app for an enterprise provides the platform to market the specific brand’s products and provide more pleasing services for the customer base. The data accumulated from the user base can be made effective in developing captivating offers. The mobile app serves as a portal to access anything related to […]

  • Why Mobile Apps This year Have Become Revolutionary

    Mobile application trends find a similarity to those associated with web applications. The mobile apps are categorized so as to get the effective traits which a given device furnishes.   Coming to the future, it is predicted that mobile app related struggle will be associated with browser-based applications. They are merely internet sites developed for […]

  • Some Valuable Tips To Be Incorporated During Mobile App Design And Development

    Related to a good mobile app to be developed, the designing aspect is very much necessary. An exhaustive analysis related to the necessity of the mobile app must be done and comprehended. In the event, the entrepreneur wants to venture into developing a mobile app for the business, they must have insight related to the […]

  • Guidelines To Augment App User Engagement

    Developing a captivating app does not depend only on the innovative proposal. It needs the following strategies which contribute to good app engagement.   Developing a powerful App Store Listing: The focus should be spent on why the people want to provide an opportunity for the app to showcase itself. It should be related to […]

  • Mobile Apps And Their Association With The Airplane Industry

    Nearly 3.6 billion people over the last year traveled by airplane. This figure is set to double by the 2030s. The passenger sector namely the entrepreneurs, the tourist base and reuniting families are more and more reliant on mobile apps to manage their itineraries rather than making use of the traditional approach of using a […]

  • Guidelines To Ensure Positive Responses And Maximum Rating For An Mobile App

    Presently there is a scenario prevailing in the market where the user base has intense reservations and second thoughts when it comes to selecting apps to use from the online app stores. It is a strong and an indisputable fact that majority of the user base take into account the reviews and ratings related to […]

  • The Worth Of Integrating Both Mobile Website and Mobile App In Any Enterprise

      It is a typical dilemma that prevails across enterprises which have begun as start-ups and also for well-established organizations whether to develop a mobile app or mobile website. To take the advice of a professional it is best to encompass both mobile apps and mobile websites as both of them are vital for the […]

  • Uber All Set To Be Associated With A Pollution Free Era In London

    In order to curb the rising levels of pollution in London, a scheme was rolled out where in the metropolis by 2020, the Uber drivers are prohibited from using any vehicles for the rides which do not belong to the category of hybrid cars or completely electric cars. While the hybrid cars featuring Toyota Prius […]

  • Tipping An Uber Driver With The Help Of The App And No Cash

    The traditional method of tipping an Uber driver with cash for the excellent ride which he or she provided for the rider base is now no longer. Make way for the new methodology of tipping the driver base even when there is no cash available. It all stemmed from the latest update to the official […]

  • Some Insight About The Rolled Out UberFLASH And UberTAXI

    Ride hailing service giant Uber in Malaysia noted the inception of two brand new attributes which are associated with providing effective security, trust and making the service more accessible. The services launched go by the name UberFLASH which serves to link the prospective riders with the driver-partner who are in the closest vicinity irrespective of […]

  • Benefits of associating a startup with a mobile app development agency

    Based on what Startup Genome Report had to say regarding the prosperity of the brands, nearly 74% of the brands fail due to the aspect of premature scaling and nearly 30% of them do not taste success due to the lack of funds to promote their proposals.   Related to this the question that has […]

  • Uber Clone

    The New Uber For Business And The Filtering Associated With The Rides Undertaken By The Driver Base

    The new tools assimilate user reviews so as to generate effective norms related to travel policy which is centered on custom program generation and group based availing standards. In the past, the policy implementation was done with stress and lots of efforts. The HR would inform the employees related to what and what should not […]

  • Whatsapp Clone - E2E Encryption

    Some Facts About The End To End Encryption Feature Associated With WhatsApp

    As the digital world is enshrouded by the aspect of confidentiality related to user data and fortification from the view of malicious people, the popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has finally given in to discuss regarding security. This is definitely a good news.   The Facebook owned brand disclosed some information related to the manipulation […]

  • android o

    Beneficial aspects in the yet to be released Android O

    Related to what Google had to say, a greater and much more enthralling experience will be generated by Android O. Below listed are some of the exciting features to be launched with Android O. 1. Google Lens This smartphone camera version of Android O not only allows the users to observe what is on screen […]

  • How To Launch Mobile Apps For Smaller Enterprises

    They should realize however that mobile apps help any business irrespective of their size. These apps are implemented as a growth tool for some enterprises. Relating to the above facts, on the contrary, some small scale enterprises rely on apps such that their survival is not guaranteed without them. From the trends associated with the […]

  • Apple’s brand new iOS 11 and other fascinating products

    Featuring an immense upgrade with regards to the most sophisticated mobile Operating System, Apple has finally proclaimed about iOS 11. This OS is to supply brand new attributes and add-ons to the iOS devices this fall.   It is featured to be the biggest release for the iPad. incorporated are robust multi-tasking attributes and other […]

  • Mobile App Development Company – Get Mobile App for Business‎

    We at Pyramidion Solutions incorporate our exhaustive technological knowledge, skills and proficiency with our expertise in mobile app consulting to drive enterprise upheaval solutions. The work we provide encompasses all the stages of app development, testing and launching. Below listed is the plethora of services which we offer. Amazing user experience is proportional and related to […]

  • Ensuring Prosperity with Mobile App Marketing Stratagems

    The current generation features the world where everyone (almost) have smartphones. The mobile app development has also displayed strides with respect to advancement. The venture has turned into an effective money making venture with the vying in the market unlike before. Hence mobile app development agencies have to be wary and very vigilant with respect […]

  • whatsapp siri

    The amazing integration of Siri and Whatsapp

    At present, the instant messaging giant Whatsapp has disclosed and revealed a new update for the iPhone. Featured are some fascinating and enthralling visually augmented updates which are sure to enchant the users. However, the feature which stands out and occupies the limelight is the one which makes the smart Siri on the iPhone devices […]

  • Apps related to personal safety of users

    Below listed are some free apps which apply to the personal safety of their users.  bsafe bSage is a personal safety app which is available as a cost free download in both the iOS and Android products. It is packed with a range of safety traits and attributes. It finds its applications in personally notifying […]

  • Factors related to Launching and not Launching a Mobile App for an Enterprise

    Based on statistics, it is found that mobile app market is predicted to grow to an astronomical figure of $ 63 billion come 2020. Last year, the mean number of apps developed was 11 which is signified as a 126% increase and expansion.   There are both positive and negative aspects associated with mobile apps. Further, […]

  • Wireframe, prototypes

    Contemplating the distinction among wireframe,mockup and prototype

    It is not an effortless venture related to generating designs for an application. Further web or mobile app development incorporates innovation and novel thinking related to technology. In order to create an app which is functionally well sophisticated and enchanting to look at, several processed must be repeated along with iterations. The design aspect consumes […]

  • The benefits of news app for online magazines

    In the present era, people are enthralled by smartphones and they desire all the required information to be present at their fingertips. In this scenario emerges the presence of online magazines which are a credible and in demand source of entertainment catering to the needs of the users. Irrespective of the varying domains of the […]

  • Apt Enterprise Apps For Entrepreneurs

    Being an entrepreneur, the primary and invaluable tools to conserve work, time and assets must be incorporated irrespective of whether the enterprise is an established organization or a small start-up. Typically the enterprises would favour everything to function at the maximum potential without being tired out and getting annoyed in the process where the have […]

  •  5 Tips to advertise your Mobile application on a low spending plan

    An app developed for mobile users is made to convey a fine client involvement with most great odds of business transition. Developing a good mobile app for a particular service is just the midway for achievement midway still you have the tremendous duty of advertising your product to make your item open to the clients. […]

  • Mobile App

    A quick view of recent trends in Android App Development

    In present day world, the mobile business is encountering noteworthy development in applications and associated things. It has changed the way clients used to connect with smartphones and advancements. Google has gone one more step and appeals more designers and organizations on board. Let’s have a brief view on recent aspects of Android application improvement […]

  • What are the top-5 mobile app development companies in India in 2017?

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  • Mobile App Development

    Recent Technical Innovation for Mobile App in 2017

    In this article, we’ve outlined the most noteworthy innovative patterns trending in Mobile industries. 1.Actualizing Machine Learning in Mobile applications Colossal advance has been made over Machine learning which thusly will empower the improvement of different patterns. To put it plainly, Machine Learning permits to educate a PC program to perceive complex examples (objects, sounds, […]

  • 5 guidelines for designing Killer Apps

    Going by the interaction design mode Interaction design finds its prominence irrespective of the screen size typically even when it is very much smaller. It is an integral aspect of user Experience design. It is nothing but the phase involved in designing captivating web interfaces with pre-planned reasoning and actions. A proper user experience is […]