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Google Play Store features thousands of apps rolled out every year. However, only some 50 to 60% of such apps are embraced by the user base. Intense vying is present among the Android App developers so that the apps rank high in search rankings. Featured are several stratagems and incessant branding.

Android app developers who want their apps to acquire the top ranking must consider some important aspects in prior which are mentioned below.


Offering a unique touch for your mobile app:

A simple logic is to make the mobile app incorporated with distinct features not present in other apps so as to rule the ranking list in Google Play Store.

In the event of being a Google Play user, it is observed that some top-ranking apps feature unique traits to differentiate themselves from the rest. Prisma, a famous photo editing app was popular where it allowed advanced manipulation and tweaking of the photos from the ground up rather than just being focused on filters to carry out the job. A similar approach exists in other famous apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram.


When the design is captivating, the ranking is boosted

Mobile apps which feature clever designs which are enthralling, are installed by the user base and feature higher ranking.

The app design is what that judges the app’s prospects. If it is substandard, then the user won’t be inclined to check out the app and they look for other alternatives. It is similar to buying a t-shirt where the design says everything and decides the probability of it being purchased.

A good measure is to concentrate more on the design of the app so that its download rate is boosted and it will be on the top of the Play Store rankings.


Giving importance to App Store Optimization:

The aforementioned factors namely, distinct features and captivating design when integrated with the mobile app will be futile if the aspect of ASO is not given due attention. The former two may entice the user to install the app but it is ASO which contributes a lot to the app appearing on the top of the searches.

Therefore, the brand and app developer should give attention related to importance and assets with integrating the app with ASO promoting favorable outcomes.


Pay attention to app feedback

Apart from app design, distinct features, and ASO to improve the rankings of the app on Playstore, focus should also be given to the app feedback from the user base.

An analysis reveals that the majority of the user base install apps after getting insight about the app reviews and feedbacks. For higher chances of download, the app’s ratings have to be favorable.


Apart from enhancing the app, it has to be branded on social media platforms

Attention must be given to brand the apps on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to name a few and the users must be encouraged to install the app

Some assets have to be spent on paid branding as well, suiting the requirements and it aims in focusing the apt audience base from which the brand wants to benefit.



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