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How beneficial is a mobile app for an E-Commerce store

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Mobile apps have played a great role in increasing the productivity of E-commerce stores. The mobile apps developed with cutting edge technology and the incorporation of amazing new features have made them the preferred option over websites. The mobile apps hold supremacy due to customization and simplicity of use thereby bonding the retail store and the customer even further.

The favorite option:
An analysis showed that if a user wants a product, he/she will browse regarding it on their phone and will go to the physical store only after seeing the pricing. Since the pricing and the feedback regarding the product are also provided, the mobile app shopping experience is made better. Thereby apart from being very much lucrative for the store, the mobile app can help the former in developing effective stratagems.

Enhanced Engagement:
As earlier said, mobile apps offer effective customization thereby increasing the engagement factor with the customer base. The retailers can use the browsing history to provide better recommendations. The apps can also store the purchase history and the addresses offering a seamless experience when compared with websites.

Improving Customer Retention:
Analysis conducted revealed that if the user’s first experience on using an app is poor, some 34% of the people will abandon the brand for another. If the app is downloaded, that means the user is happy with the brand. All the user wants is a good user experience and if the app is downloaded that means user retention is good and excellent. People typically browse more on apps than websites and are prone to make big purchases via mobile apps. This further increases the user retention for the brand.

Decreased Cart Abandonment:
This factor can be termed as the single biggest hindrance for brands. On a mean scale, 70% of customers abandon their shopping cart before any purchase is made. The reasons could simply be that people were just browsing rather than purchase or the big shipping fees or inadequate payment modes. All these attributes to decreased user experience and leaves people unhappy. This can be avoided if the mobile app’s design is enhanced and attractive. This applies to the checkout forms as well.

Reinforced Brand:
Mobile apps are the pioneers for brand awareness. People spend 27% time on mobile apps additionally over websites. To enthrall people all that is needed are great discounts and offers. Using Push Notifications the people can get to know about the offers. The downloads are significantly increased, and this is augmented with effective navigational control and an intelligent voice assistant to name a few. As a consequence, the brand’s bond with the user is made stronger.
The mobile apps can also be integrated with the power of social media. With this, the brands can get to know a great deal about the users and this helps the former to improve their customer services. Finally, with this robustly secured bond, the sales will surely skyrocket.

Ease of use and security:
People prefer safety as the first thing when they make online purchases. Websites usually have a long checkout process and this may cause a failed transaction to happen where the user is exposed to hackers. However, in the case of mobile apps, security is very much fortified with third-party integrations. Further checkouts will be quicker in the future after the first purchase as the payment info is saved.
Mobile apps are present in both the iOS and Android platforms and are better suited than websites due to being independent of browser features. Also, their nice UI provides a better user experience when shopping.
Once after the mobile app is downloaded, the next step is to engage in marketing campaigns and ensure that people don’t forget about the downloaded application.

As earlier said an e-commerce mobile application is the beginning of an everlasting great relationship between the store and the customer base provided the shopping experience is seamless and good. Thereby the mobile app has to be built accordingly to offer the best in terms of user experience.

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Pyramidion Solutions is a Mobile App Development Company in Toronto which has been well known for developing e-commerce applications and apps for several other industrial verticals. Its vision is to use the latest technology for the betterment of everyone in its client base.

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