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Beneficial aspects in the yet to be released Android O

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Related to what Google had to say, a greater and much more enthralling experience will be generated by Android O. Below listed are some of the exciting features to be launched with Android O.

1. Google Lens

This smartphone camera version of Android O not only allows the users to observe what is on screen but also guide the users to carry out certain actions. Once the camera is focused on something then Google Lens will detail regarding the object in view.

2. Google PlayStore Protect

To be integrated with Android O is an artificial intelligence program by the name Play Protect which aids the device to be shielded from external hackers and malicious content. Incessantly it scrutinizes smartphones numbering in the millions along with the apps so as to ensure and ascertain that the Play Store is a reliable store to install mobile apps.

3. Picture-in-Picture: Powerful multi-tasking

This feature is an enthralling and productive one which aids the user to perform two tasks at the same time concurrently and smooth flowingly. To quote an instance, the user can watch Youtube and at the same time make notes in any file of the device. An effective multitasking is generated.

4. Notification Snoozing

The user base can integrate and blend the alerts generating from apps resembling one another into a super structured channel. This proves to be effective to make notifications pop up in the time frame when the user is not busy or has his hands full.

5. Password Autofill

The name denotes it. All the details like Password, phone number and card details are saved. Initially observed in Chrome, the feature has rolled out to Android as well. Swapping between mobile apps is definitely more streamlined and seamless.

6. Smart Text Selection

This specific feature will augment the aspect of copy pasting more productively. When the particular data is chosen, the apt app will be activated to perform the task. This is a tiny yet very powerful and efficient feature.

7. TensorFlow Lite

This Artificial Intelligence attribute profits from the assimilation of machine learning to boost the user experience of the device.

8. Android TV Home Screen

This feature is the latest home screen related to Android TV. It simplifies the process for the user base to pick and watch the video streaming generated by the apps.

9. Setting Page

The long scrolling setting page is now archaic. The Android O has integrated a simpler and effective setting page which is quite shorter and encompasses only the primemost feature collection.

10. Background Usage Restrictions

Previously, any unoptimized mobile app could exploit and drain the hardware resources associated with the device contributing to hanging and lagging issues. However now, Android O will help in restricting the background app usage thereby boosting the functioning and performance of the device while at the same time constituting to very less amount of battery drainage.

Google Assistant Encounters Siri

Currently, the iPhone users can integrate Google Assistant onto their devices. It features voice command functionality and permits the user to text the query to get relevant answers and solutions

This is just the tip of the iceberg with relation to the features associated with Android O. There is still plenty more related to what it offers. The Artificial intelligence component of Android O is sure to gain steam and momentum.



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