• Significant Challenges that Mobile App Startups Encounter After App Launch

    Mobile app startups are new cropping business models that have been formed by entrepreneurs. They are created with the view to offer effective mobile app development services. However in the huge competition they have to encounter several challenges so as to survive. Mobile app startups have witnessed the situation wherein new companies enter the competition […]

  • What App Developers should know to shine in DevOps?

    For the past 6 years, mobile devices have turned out to be primary source of accessing the internet for several people throughout the world. These trends have made several industries to embrace developing a mobile app for their business application. In order to lessen cost and increase quality the trending methodology of DevOps is taken […]

  • How App development is boosting digital marketing?

    One area that is sustaining in the field, especially for business needs, is apps. The introduction of app development in marketing strategies is deemed to be the single most essential step that can be adopted in present marketing campaigns. This is because it works on several levels; you have the initial contact with customers, the […]

  • How can app development with React Native be cost-effective?

    Mobile app developers have always preferred developing native iOS and Android apps. But React Native which is a framework built by Facebook has recently garnered the attention of CTOs worldwide. This is because of its ability to develop cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS besides giving assurance to developing scalable and complex mobile […]

  • MongoDB vs MySQL: Which database is appropriate for your business?

    Nowadays modern enterprises are contemplating on better ways to store and control their data. It can be for gaining better customer insight, meeting changing user expectations, or beat shine in the competition with new applications and business models. Selecting a DBMS (Database Management System) may put you in a confused situation since there are several […]

  • Eventmakerz as one of the trending Event organizers

    Eventmakerz is a top player in the category Event Organizers in the Chennai. This well-known organization acts as a bridge between customers to connect with us for any kind of events to be organized in Chennai and other regions also. Through the range of its voyage, this business has set up a firm foothold in […]

  • SAP Business One can go a Long Way in Enhancing Accounting and Financial Management: Learn How!

    Your small or medium business would be progressing at a swift rate. There will also be increased complexity for controlling its financials. Yes, there is accounting-only software that helps you kick-start this. However, all you need in this cut-throat competition is a software that gives a new dimension to your business. You practically need software […]

  • Is Less is Really More in UI/UX Design?-An Insight

    Nowadays, “Less is more” is perhaps one of the most frequently heard minimalist principles when we refer to minimalism in web design. In the contemporary web design, minimalism has cropped up again as a dynamic technique. Visual complexity can be considered as something that has a great impact on a user’s perception of a website. […]

  • Top Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Database for your Mobile App

    Mobile applications have become human’s best friend, and imagining a life without them is indeed de-motivating. You are now in the millennium, and you should have a reasonable understanding of various apps, their performance, and scope, the way to set up mobile applications, etc. However, you won’t be having a clear picture of the database. […]

  • 4 Ways in which Mobile Applications Assist in Growing your Small Business

    It is obvious that iPhone apps and other mobile applications are creating ripples now. Moreover, most of the astute forward-thinking business people are getting benefited from this mobile apps phenomenon to take their business to the next level. The reality is that every type of customer has started expecting mobile apps for anything that they […]

  • Top 6 Reasons to Choose Android platform for Mobile Development

    This is a digital world and mobile applications are evolving at a quick pace. In this technological era, a vast percentage of devices deploy the Android platform. So we can say with some clarity that when we search for reasons to opt for app development then Android app development cannot be ignored. Want to stay […]

  • Why is Mobile App Development Pivotal for a Business?

    Nowadays, the use of smartphones has become an integral part of our regular activities; the importance of mobile phones on our daily lives cannot be underestimated. Beyond the ordinary communication, mobile phones have become a major point of attention to businesses. This has been highly possible due to the innovation and creativity in mobile app […]

  • Is Flutter Worth the Hype?

    Developers always want to enrich their knowledge and be updated with new technologies for the purpose of creating high-performing applications. Let’s see about Flutter which is creating ripples now in the mobile app development world. Google I/O 2018 gave a lot of attention to Flutter. Reportedly, the rate at which Flutter apps are published on […]

  • Do You Make these Budgeting Mistakes In Your App Development Process?

    Your app budget is something that cannot be considered trivial. This is especially in the case of a startup or a small to medium business. Every penny of your app budget must be used in a meticulous manner. For this, there should be clear planning and budgeting. You can also avoid these budgeting mistakes:   […]

  • IoT and Mobile App Development – The Road Ahead for your Business

    It all began in 1999 when Kevin Ashton came up with the term Internet of Things. This revolutionary technology has since then gained popularity across the world. There is also the mobile platform that has been advantageous to businesses whether it is a start-up, medium or big business. Now technology has advanced in such a […]

  • MVP

    Emphasizing the Key Features for your Mobile App MVP

    Minimum Viable Product is the acronym of MVP. Comprehending and enabling this concept is very essential for a startup app to advance and succeed. What is a Minimum Viable Product? Here a product is built keeping in mind the fundamental necessity it requires to be holistic. MVP primarily deals with experimenting and learning. The MVP […]

  • Food Ordering Simplified with iCashout

    In this fast-paced digital era, customers don’t want to take the pain of waiting in line for their food; they prefer to order ahead. Moreover, several individuals use their mobile devices to order from restaurants. So doesn’t this imply that restaurants must have a powerful mobile presence that not only reaches out to future customers […]

  • Flutter-vs-ReactNative

    Flutter Vs React Native: Which one to choose?

    The cross-platform app development is gaining popularity these days as it enables you to develop mobile apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms. There are many cross-platform available today, hence the need to compare which one is the best. When React Native was introduced by Facebook at first, it got an overwhelming response […]

  • Matrimony App Development: Essential Features and Budget Estimation

    The days when the friends and families of an eligible bachelor or spinster used to take up the responsibility to get him/her a suitable match are over. Today, no one wants to shoulder the responsibility of finding a true match for him/her since a large number of matrimony mobile apps does it for them. With […]

  • Mobile App Development: Possible Trends in 2019

    There has been a surge of mobile apps in the last few years and are transforming several aspects of our personal and professional lives. From messaging apps to the apps for booking cabs, shopping, or ordering food, all kinds of apps are being created to make lives easier while generating huge revenues in doing so. […]