• 5 Valid Questions to Ask Yourself Before Application Development

    5 Valid Questions to Ask Yourself Before Application Development

    Mobile applications are an important tool for businesses in this day and age. You might wonder, why do companies have mobile apps? It’s the simplest and easiest way for people to access your product or services. Smartphone usage has risen tremendously in the past years, and so is the demand for applications. So, thinking of […]

  • Work from home

    Work from Home- Here’s How Employers Can Create Comfortable and Safe Environment for Employees

    Many organizations already have a work from home options for their employees; this mainly helps the people who have health issues and can’t travel for work, people with infants or people who have to take care of somebody else. The work from home situation is beneficial to employers and employees because studies show that the […]

  • Project Discovery

    Project Discovery- An important Phase in Mobile App Development

    Project Discovery Project discovery can be defined as the process in which the project team gathers all the information on project ideas, project scope, market research, niche audience and limitations. The project discovery plays a massive role in deciding the requirements and the necessities of a project. It allows the project team to view in […]

  • Mobile Application Requirements Document

    Mobile Application Requirement Document – How to Build?

    To develop a successful mobile application it is essential to have a proper outline of the requirements of the project. The mobile application requirement document helps to document and outline the business requirements and market requirements, allowing developers and designers to build a product catering to those needs. Here are some detailed steps and ideas […]

  • eCommerce Industry

    How Is COVID-19 Shifting the E-Commerce Industry?

    The current pandemic is a hard time for every industry and company but not for the e-commerce business. Due to the lockdown and quarantine, people are ready to purchase via online stores rather than going outside, and these services mainly help the elderly and immune-comprised people who can’t afford to go out at this point […]