• Uber All Set To Be Associated With A Pollution Free Era In London

    In order to curb the rising levels of pollution in London, a scheme was rolled out where in the metropolis by 2020, the Uber drivers are prohibited from using any vehicles for the rides which do not belong to the category of hybrid cars or completely electric cars. While the hybrid cars featuring Toyota Prius […]

  • Uber Asia’s New Boss And His Stand Regarding The Region

    The new chairperson of the ride hailing giant Uber’s Asia sector has noted that Uber is here to stay in the big region and his initial comments related to the plans he has are featured immediately in the midst of the several controversies which rocked the brand and its intense battle in the vying market […]

  • Tipping An Uber Driver With The Help Of The App And No Cash

    The traditional method of tipping an Uber driver with cash for the excellent ride which he or she provided for the rider base is now no longer. Make way for the new methodology of tipping the driver base even when there is no cash available. It all stemmed from the latest update to the official […]

  • Some Insight About The Rolled Out UberFLASH And UberTAXI

    Ride hailing service giant Uber in Malaysia noted the inception of two brand new attributes which are associated with providing effective security, trust and making the service more accessible. The services launched go by the name UberFLASH which serves to link the prospective riders with the driver-partner who are in the closest vicinity irrespective of […]

  • Making WhatsApp Integrated With Even More Features

    The craze and excitement related to the instant messaging app WhatsApp have reached a fever pitch after rapidly climbing up the ranks in the last three years. Such is its presence and power that the aspect of traditional personal emails have become old fashioned and outdated.   This aspect is surely effective and is of […]

  • Uber Clone

    The New Uber For Business And The Filtering Associated With The Rides Undertaken By The Driver Base

    The new tools assimilate user reviews so as to generate effective norms related to travel policy which is centered on custom program generation and group based availing standards. In the past, the policy implementation was done with stress and lots of efforts. The HR would inform the employees related to what and what should not […]

  • Whatsapp Clone - E2E Encryption

    Some Facts About The End To End Encryption Feature Associated With WhatsApp

    As the digital world is enshrouded by the aspect of confidentiality related to user data and fortification from the view of malicious people, the popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp has finally given in to discuss regarding security. This is definitely a good news.   The Facebook owned brand disclosed some information related to the manipulation […]

  • android o

    Beneficial aspects in the yet to be released Android O

    Related to what Google had to say, a greater and much more enthralling experience will be generated by Android O. Below listed are some of the exciting features to be launched with Android O. 1. Google Lens This smartphone camera version of Android O not only allows the users to observe what is on screen […]

  • How To Launch Mobile Apps For Smaller Enterprises

    They should realize however that mobile apps help any business irrespective of their size. These apps are implemented as a growth tool for some enterprises. Relating to the above facts, on the contrary, some small scale enterprises rely on apps such that their survival is not guaranteed without them. From the trends associated with the […]

  • Whatsapp Clone

    Scheduling WhatsApp messages on Android devices

    At present, WhatsApp is a dominant instant messaging app where it makes users manipulate it consistently. Although the app, allows the user base to transmit data like messages, images, and videos in a jiffy, there is always a scenario where the user has to transmit a message to anyone at a given time. This feature […]

  • Mobile App development companies in chennai

    Ascertaining Long Term Success For Any Mobile App

    Brands face a big hurdle when related to app development with lastingness as a major factor. Due to the intense vying, several OS updates and varying market situations, several apps become obsolete at a rapid rate. Even though there is a lack of guidelines related to ensuring longevity. all the aspects of the app namely […]

  • Apple's brand new iOS 11

    Apple’s brand new iOS 11 and other fascinating products

    Featuring an immense upgrade with regards to the most sophisticated mobile Operating System, Apple has finally proclaimed about iOS 11. This OS is to supply brand new attributes and add-ons to the iOS devices this fall.   It is featured to be the biggest release for the iPad. incorporated are robust multi-tasking attributes and other […]

  • Mobile App Development Company – Get Mobile App for Business‎

    We at Pyramidion Solutions incorporate our exhaustive technological knowledge, skills and proficiency with our expertise in mobile app consulting to drive enterprise upheaval solutions. The work we provide encompasses all the stages of app development, testing and launching. Below listed is the plethora of services which we offer. Amazing user experience is proportional and related to […]

  • Looking ahead regarding the status of social apps

    Previously, social media apps were the craze and the latest trend creating a hysteria and frenzy in the mobile world. Instances of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have been dominating the app charts for a long amount of time. However, at present, it is the messaging apps which have outpaced the former. Fortifying this fact is […]

  • Ensuring Prosperity with Mobile App Marketing Stratagems

    The current generation features the world where everyone (almost) have smartphones. The mobile app development has also displayed strides with respect to advancement. The venture has turned into an effective money making venture with the vying in the market unlike before. Hence mobile app development agencies have to be wary and very vigilant with respect […]

  • whatsapp siri

    The amazing integration of Siri and Whatsapp

    At present, the instant messaging giant Whatsapp has disclosed and revealed a new update for the iPhone. Featured are some fascinating and enthralling visually augmented updates which are sure to enchant the users. However, the feature which stands out and occupies the limelight is the one which makes the smart Siri on the iPhone devices […]

  • Apps related to personal safety of users

    Below listed are some free apps which apply to the personal safety of their users.  bsafe bSage is a personal safety app which is available as a cost free download in both the iOS and Android products. It is packed with a range of safety traits and attributes. It finds its applications in personally notifying […]


    Factors related to Launching and not Launching a Mobile App for an Enterprise

    Based on statistics, it is found that mobile app market is predicted to grow to an astronomical figure of $ 63 billion come 2020. Last year, the mean number of apps developed was 11 which is signified as a 126% increase and expansion.   There are both positive and negative aspects associated with mobile apps. Further, […]

  • Wireframe, prototypes

    Contemplating the distinction among wireframe,mockup and prototype

    It is not an effortless venture related to generating designs for an application. Further web or mobile app development incorporates innovation and novel thinking related to technology. In order to create an app which is functionally well sophisticated and enchanting to look at, several processed must be repeated along with iterations. The design aspect consumes […]

  • The benefits of news app for online magazines

    In the present era, people are enthralled by smartphones and they desire all the required information to be present at their fingertips. In this scenario emerges the presence of online magazines which are a credible and in demand source of entertainment catering to the needs of the users. Irrespective of the varying domains of the […]